Survey: Goshen College students express high satisfaction with college experience

In a biennial national student satisfaction survey, Goshen College students expressed high overall satisfaction regarding their college experience related to academics and student life.

The Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) asks traditional undergraduate students to rate the importance of different factors as well as their satisfaction level, both on a 7-point scale. The SSI is a national survey administered by Noel-Levitz, which allows Goshen College to compare results to a pool of over 200 four-year, private institutions.

According to the survey, overall student satisfaction held steady in 2021, compared to 2019. When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with GC on a 7-point scale, student responses averaged 5.25, about the same as the average at four-year private institutions nationally.

As in previous years, GC compares favorably on many individual survey items. GC student satisfaction was significantly higher than the national group on 12 survey items, including higher satisfaction regarding tuition and financial aid, academic advising, student activities and residence halls.

“I’m pleased with the high ratings for teaching and advising because I know that our faculty have worked hard to provide an inclusive, positive learning experience for students,” said Ann Vendrely, vice president for academic affairs & academic dean. “These areas are important for student success and our faculty are committed to helping students through college and beyond. And we appreciate all the students who took the time to participate in the SSI, it helps us determine how we are doing as a college.”

Questions related to advising and teaching were among the highest-rated items. Average satisfaction in the “Academic Advising” category was 5.9 (5.8 nationally). In the “Instructional Effectiveness” category, average satisfaction was 5.7. These are important strengths because students rated advising and instructional effectiveness as the two categories most important to their college experience.

Students also reported higher satisfaction than the last time this survey was administered in 2019 when answering the questions “I feel comfortable voicing my views/opinions in class discussions” and “My professors welcome diverse viewpoints in class.”

The Student Satisfaction Inventory is created by Ruffalo Noel Levitz, which provides strategic enrollment and fundraising solutions for colleges and universities. Goshen has participated in the SSI since 2002.