The true value of a GC education

When put out its 2014 ROI report recently ranking Goshen College near the bottom and a subsequent online article claimed we were among “the biggest waste of tuition money” in the country, we were shocked, as were our alumni (read their testimonials about the value of a GC education!).

The problem: these claims were based entirely on reported salaries from all of 29 self-selected GC alumni (.145% of our 20,000 alumni!). But don’t just take our word for it that there are some major issues with this “research,” check out this outside analysis.

The broader goal of holding higher ed accountable for producing results is not what we take exception to. Even the inclusion of graduates’ salaries as part of the measurement data is not the issue, because a variety of outcomes from gaining a college degree DO matter, including financial outcomes.

So, let’s talk more clearly about our return on investment at Goshen College, in all forms and with valid sample sizes and research methods:

GC True Value Infographic