Scott Dooley: Spring 2014 Kenagy Visiting Artist

Scott Dooley will be the Eric Yake Kenagy Visiting Artist for 2013-14. Goshen College is grateful for the opportunity to bring him to campus made possible by funding from the Kenagy Endowment.

The beginning point for Scott Dooley’s clay vessels are metal artifacts from the rural Mid-west landscape he grew up in. The metal objects that inspire him, ranging from large silos to small oil cans, became more visible after he left that environment and returned later to see it with a new perspective.

The teapots, ewers, and bottles have references to the processes associated with assembling sheet metal and to the natural forces of wear and corrosion that break them down in the end. They celebrate the ingenuity of their makers and the strength of environment that slowly reclaims them. But within that cycle, Dooley’s artwork is filled with imagination and play. Pieces seem to extend, grow and dance.

Dooley has an extensive exhibit record, with work in shows across Europe, in Asia, Australia, and the US. Images of his work illustrate ceramics textbooks, other books and periodicals. The Gloria and Sonny Kamm Teapot Foundation, the Ron Pizzuti Collection, the Yixing Ceramics Museum (China), the Museu de Ceramica de Manises (Spain), the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Musuem (Taiwan), and many others have his work in their permanent collections. He is currently chair of the Art Department at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.

Scott Dooley. Paired Teapots
Scott Dooley. Paired Teapots