GC in the News: 2009

Note: This news archive is old and –because many organizations have changed their online architecture or cleaned their archives since its writing– some urls may be broken.

Errick McCollum glad he stayed at GC, The Elkhart Truth, 12.17.09.

VIDEO: McCollum becomes Goshen College All-Time leader, Fox 28, 12.15.09.

A leaky robotic dog and a tiny catapult teach electronics at Goshen College,The Elkhart Truth, 12.8.09.

Ugandan native thankful to be at Goshen College, The Elkhart Truth, 11.26.09.

Goshen College begins discussion on anthem at events, The Elkhart Truth, 11.5.09.

Instrumental anthem could be played at GC, Goshen News, 11.5.09.

Goshen College performers share faith stories, The Elkhart Truth, 10.30.09.

Speakers to illustrate climate change effects in lecture at Goshen College,The Elkhart Truth, 10.30.09.

Goshen College students accessorize to help women in Peru and Uganda,The Elkhart Truth, 10.26.09.

GC students, community call for climate change, Goshen News, 10.25.09.

VIDEO: Goshen College students strive for climate change, Fox-28, 10.24.09.

This grass at Goshen College is greener,  The Elkhart Truth, 10.22.09.

Officials at colleges review plans for H1N1 flu outbreak scenario,  The Elkhart Truth, 10.19.09.

Goshen College teaching candidates are educating and learning at the same time by working with Chandler Elementary students,  The Elkhart Truth, 10.17.09.

Students hit the (record) books,  Indianapolis Star, 9.21.09.

Green day: GC develops plan to eliminate carbon footprint,  Goshen News, 9.19.09.

Latino study program initiated at Goshen College,  The Elkhart Truth, 9.17.09.

Goshen College enjoys spike in enrollment,  Goshen News, 9.17.09.

In a class of their own; Goshen College welcomes largest freshman class, 238 students, in 27 years,  The Elkhart Truth, 9.9.09.

Welcome back, students, we’re glad to have you,  Goshen News, 8.29.09.

Hiring Amish workers,  Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, 8.23.09.

How to avoid the ‘Styrofoam wars’: Creation Care Network launches new greening congregations project,  The Mennonite, 8.18.09.

Amish see the recession as a challenge and a blessing,  MSNBC.com,  8.19.09.

Colleges going green for Jesus,  The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8.5.09.

NIPSCO wants to raise rates, but we’re already paying a heavy environmental price for our power,  The Elkhart Truth, 7.14.09.

Goshen: Throw a fit with ultimate Frisbee,  The Elkhart Truth, 7.8.09.

Internet, cable and cell phones make up the new home utilities,  The Elkhart Truth, 7.7.09.

A degree, a pile of applications, no job offers for new grads,  The Elkhart Truth, 7.6.09.

A Bank Run Teaches the ‘Plain People’ About the Risks of Modernity,  The Wall Street Journal, 7.1.09.

Lost jobs send some Indiana Amish back to their roots,  Indianapolis Star, 6.15.09.

Willing to go where God leads, by James E. Brenneman, Fuller Focus, Fuller Theological Seminary magazine, Spring 2009.

Westward ho! Amish escaping crowds, prices in East, Associated Press, 6.6.09.

Indiana’s Amish, laid off from RV factories, return to their plows, Christian Science Monitor, 5.26.09.

MennoPrank Society formed; AMBS extends an invitation to pranksters on higher education campuses, The Mennonite, 5.19.09.

Empty store serves as a catalyst for student play: GC performance class built a show around a setting it found inspiring, Elkhart Truth, 5.21.09.

Visits to Catholic colleges are part of ‘Ex Corde Ecclesiae’, Today’s Catholic, 5.11.09.

‘Grandchild-certified’ produce grown here, Fort-Wayne Journal Gazette, 5.3.09.

EDITORIAL: Faith, science and climate change, Mennonite Weekly Review, 5.4.09.

RADIO: The Amish Recession, New Hampshire Public Radio, 4.29.09.

Even Amish filing for unemployment, The Miami Herald, 4.29.09.

Student from Kenya defies odds to earn his bachelor’s degree, Goshen News, 4.27.09.

Goshen College grads called to service, Elkhart Truth, 4.27.09.

College adds master’s to its domain, Goshen News, 4.26.09.

Kenyan rights his course at Goshen College, Elkhart Truth, 4.25.09.

Layoffs are driving change among the Amish, Los Angeles Times, 4.20.09.

Amish workers hit hard by recession, Chicago Tribune, 4.19.09.

Students Learn About Sustainable Agriculture, Voice of America News, 4.13.09.

This student is a world-class walker — speedwalker that is, Elkhart Truth, 4.13.09.

Sewing a new seam for coming generations; Students are learning the ins and outs of quilting, Elkhart Truth, 4.12.09.

A team effort in marine biology: Goshen College, Goshen High School create partnership in Florida Keys, Goshen News, 4.7.09.

Students at Goshen College give free tax help, Elkhart Truth, 4.6.09.

Graphic learning at Goshen College, Goshen News, 4.3.09.

VIDEO: Larry Yoder makes syrup, Ball State University TV station WIPB, by Riley Fields, 4.1.09.

Food For Thought for Agriculture and the Future, The Chronicle of Higher Education blog, 3.31.09.

Thile goes chamber with Punch Brothers, South Bend Tribune, 3.31.09.

Amish caught in RV slump, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 3.22.09.

Putting the sun to work, Elkhart Truth, 3.12.09.

Bestselling author warns of environmental emergency, Elkhart Truth, 3.12.09.

Americans’ generosity arrives by the truckload, Goshen News, 3.11.09.

Food caravan stops in hard-hit Ind. county, MSNBC, 3.10.09.

Maple-sugar farm one sweet trip; Farm, Goshen College partner to show kids how syrup is made, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, 3.9.09. Related slide show and commentary.

EDITORIAL: Goshen has all the elements needed to attract businesses,Goshen News, 3.6.09.

At-risk youth find outlet in art, The Elkhart Truth, 3.5.09.

Working together will help region’s cities, The Elkhart Truth, 3.3.09.

Economist says recession arrived before we knew it, The Goshen News, 3.1.09.

Experts see promise in emerging technologies, The Elkhart Truth, 2.28.09.

Tapping a sweet tradition, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 2.18.09.

Launching their way to scientific glory, The Elkhart Truth, 2.15.09.

Students take on science challenge, The Goshen News, 2.15.09.

Planet faces emergency, The Elkhart Truth, 2.5.09.

In Elkhart, roughly one in six of us don’t have a jobThe Elkhart Truth, 1.28.09.

Things are rough here and worse back homeThe Elkhart Truth, 1.25.09.

Obama’s words felt by Goshen College studentsGoshen News, 1.21.09.

Brenneman calls in report from the sceneGoshen News, 1.21.09.

Inauguration hits homeElkhart Truth, 1.21.09.

Fight goes on against racism in communityElkhart Truth, 1.20.09.

Goshen College honors King’s legacyGoshen News, 1.20.09.

VIDEO: On MLK Day families reflect on experiences with racism, WNDU-TV, 1.19.09.

Former Goshen College president recalls his role in Civil Rights movement,Goshen News, 1.19.09.

Singing McFerrin’s Family BizSouth Bend Tribune, 1.15.09.

VIDEO: Gov. Daniels neglects mention of RV industry troubles, WSBT-TV, 1.14.09.

Singer Bobby McFerrin will perform in Goshen on Jan. 18The Elkhart Truth, 1.8.09.

The Amish flock from farms to small businessesThe New York Times, 1.8.09.

VIDEO: Goshen College takes its mainstage show on the roadThe Elkhart Truth, 1.6.09.