Goshen College announces Fall 2003-2004 Dean’s List

GOSHEN, Ind. — Goshen College recently recognized 103 students for excellence in academics, releasing the names of students on the 2003-2004 fall semester Dean’s List.

Students making the Dean’s List must finish in top 10 percent of students in any one term, according to grade point average, while completing at least 12 hours of course work for a letter grade and taking no courses credit-elect. Current seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 4.0 are exempt from the 12-hour criteria and credit-elect. Only grades from the designated semester are included in the Dean’s List selection process.

The college initiated its Dean’s List during the first semester of the 1999-2000 school year as part of its Honors Program, which highlights the college’s liberal arts excellence and includes an honors colloquium for first-year students, honors seminars, an Annual Student Research Symposium, internships and an honors degree. The list celebrates the achievement of students who have met high academic standards and can motivate students preparing for graduate studies, according to Anita Stalter, Goshen’s academic dean, vice president for academic affairs and professor of education.

Students earning at least a 3.6 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in Goshen College Division of Adult and External Services also are included in the list — a significant achievement since most DAES students are working adults taking highly personalized night classes.

Goshen College, established in 1894, is a four-year residential Christian liberal arts college rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. The college’s Christ-centered core values — passionate learning, global citizenship, compassionate peacemaking and servant-leadership — prepare students as leaders for the church and world. Recognized for its unique Study-Service Term program, Goshen has earned citations of excellence in Barron’s Best Buys in Education, Kaplan’s “Most Interesting Colleges” guide and U.S.News & World Report‘s “America’s Best Colleges” edition, which named Goshen a “least debt college.” Visit www.goshen.edu

Editors: For more information, contact Jodi H. Beyeler at (574) 535-7572 or jodihb@goshen.edu.
Jonathan E. Bontrager
Kristin A. Buller
Ayo-Olu T. Cole
Christina J. Cruz
Krista L. Gautsche
Julie M. Geiser
Emily M. Haury
Emily R. Hershberger
Gale D. Hess
Reuven M. Hodges
Elise A. Hofer
Lisa M. Jeppesen
Jee Hye Kim
Christopher J. Kingsley
Deanna Lea Martin
Kristi J. Miller
Dorothy Muiruri
Sarah R. Nelson
Angela J. Richer
Michael S. Shank
Ruth J. Smucker
Caitlin L. Wade
Linda W. Wong
Alan D. Zimmerman

Marcia E. Braun
Jeffrey R. Claassen
Nathan J. Detweiler
Mark A. Gingerich
Daniel B. Horst
Jason B. Kauffman
Daniel A. King
Tristan R.S. King
Kimberly O. Loewen
Daniel R. Love
Rosanna B. Nafziger
Sarah Pachulicz
Laura R. Rheinheimer
Katherine A. Showalter
Shu Tu
Robert Vander Giessen-Reitsma
Rachel E. Webster
Fallon C. Will
Rachel Marie Yantzi
Kyle B. Yoder
Sarah E. Yoder
Darla J. Zehr

Miriam B. Augsburger
Crystal M. Collier
Rachel L. Eisenstat
Catherine Suzanne Greer
Aubrey D. Helmuth
Zebulon Y. Holsopple
Melody S. Huffman
Jennifer R. Koch
Nicholas D. Loewen
Abigail Marie Nafziger
Katelyn N. Nafziger
Anne E. Penner
Sarah A. Rohrer
Jennifer L. Rupp
Glenn H. Schumacher
Tyler W. Sheerer
Tracey Stack
Marcos A. Stolzfus
Jacob D. Stucky
Sarah A. Thiessen
Eric J. Walsh
Joshua R. Weaver
Nikall Lee Weber
Xiaoli Xiang
Tara S. Yoder

Bethany A. Bender
Molly E. Buckwalter
Hannah Mary Eash
Amanda M. Entz
Cadie Elizabeth Gilman
David I. Glick
Jonathan P. Glick
Kimberly J. Glick
Erin L. Gotwals
David W. Haire
Katherine Brunk Harnish
Kirsten S. Hartwig
Justin B. Heinz
Lisl K. Hershberger
Kyle Hesed
Benjamin K. Hoffman
Anita J. Hooley
Alice M. Houston
Micah S. Jost
Alana M. King
Nathan Brant Kurtz
Laura  Landis
Hilary A. Mayhew
Katherine A. Meyer
Christine D. Miller
Laura Kathryn Neufeld
Hejon Noh
Sarah E. Roth
Kathryn R. Stutzman
Travis L. Weaver
Benjamin L. Yoder
Benjamin Short Yoder
Amanda K. Zehr

Douglas Blonshine (Elkhart)
Angela Culp (Warsaw)
Emilie Curtis (Three Rivers, Mich.)
Deborah Erikson (Bristol)
Scott Erikson (Bristol)
David Guarino (Elkhart)
Dawn Hechathorn (Nappanee)
Michael Hoffman (Granger)
Lisa M.  Kruczek (Osceola)
Lynn McClung (Nappanee)
Nancy J. Swank (Cromwell)
Robert Toews (Goshen)
Amy Wardlow (Elkhart)
Theodore Wilmore (Elkhart)
Amanda Winters (Three Rivers)