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Volume: 13
Month: Ap
Year: 1939
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Church and state in Mennonite history. Harold S. Bender. 13:83-103 Ap 1939
(Listed under Bender, Harold Stauffer, 1897-1962; Church And State; Nonresistance)
Nonresistance and litigation. Paul Erb. 13:75-82 Ap 1939
(Listed under Christian Ethics; Erasmus, Desiderius, D. 1536; Nonresistance)
The obligation of the Christian to the state and community:"Render to Caesar." Edward Yoder. 13:104-122 Ap 1939
(Listed under Christianity And Politics; Church And State; Yoder, Edward, 1893-1945)
The menace of propaganda and how to meet it. Melvin Gingerich. 13:123-134 Ap 1939
(Listed under Gingerich, Melvin, 1902-1975; Propaganda; Social Problems)
Nonresistance and industrial conflict. Guy F. Hershberger. 13:135-154 Ap 1939
(Listed under Hershberger, Guy F., 1896-1989; Industrial Relations; Nonresistance)
Mennonite Conference on Applied Non-resistance. 13Ap 1939
(Listed under Special Issues)
6 articles matched.

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