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The Amish community at Atlantic, Pennsylvania. Maurice A. Mook. 28:293-301 O 1954
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Mook, Maurice A., 1904-1973)
A.M. Fire and Storm [Insurance]: simplicity in a strongly Amish institution. Catherine Schlegel. 71:365-376 Jl 1997
(Listed under Amish: Ontario; Amish Mennonite Fire And Storm Aid Union; Schlegel, Catherine)
Caesar and the Meidung. John Howard Yoder. 23:76-98 Ap 1949
(Listed under Amish: Ohio; Balzer, Heinrich; Church And State; Yoder, John Howard, 1927-1997)
Amish membership certificates. John S. Umble. 36:88-89 Ja 1962
(Listed under Amish: Ohio; Church Membership; Umble, John Sylvanus, 1881-1966)
The Amish Mennonites of Union County, Pennsylvania. John S. Umble. 7:71-96 Ap 1933; 7:162-190 Jl 1933
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Umble, John Sylvanus, 1881-1966; Union County (Pa.): Church History)
An Amish minister's manual. Ed by John S. Umble. 15:95-117 Ap 1941
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Nafziger, Johannes, B. 1706?; Rites And Ceremonies; Umble, John Sylvanus, 1881-1966; Unzicker, Joseph)
Facsimile: The minutes of the Amish conference of 1809, probably held in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 20:Follows 240 Jl 1946
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania)
Extinct Amish communities in Pennsylvania. Maurice A. Mook. 30:267-276 O 1956
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Mook, Maurice A., 1904-1973)
The economic organization and practices of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jane C. Getz. 20:53-80 Ja 1946; 20:98-127 Ap 1946
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Economics: Religious Aspects; Getz, Jane C)
The Amish settlement in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Alvin J. Beachy. 28:263-292 O 1954
(Listed under Amish: Pennsylvania; Beachy, Alvin J)
88 articles matched.
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