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Subject: Amish: Ohio
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A history of Raber's Bookstore. David Luthy. 58:168-178 Ap 1984
(Listed under Amish; Amish: Ohio; Books And Reading; Booksellers And Bookselling; German-American Literature; Holmes County (Ohio); Luthy, David; Publishers And Publishing; Raber's Bookstore (Baltic, Ohio))
Ordinance or ordering: Ordnung and Amish ministers' meetings, 1862-1878. James Nelson Gingerich. 60:180-199 Ap 1986
(Listed under Amish; Amish: Clergy; Amish: Governance; Amish: Iowa; Amish: Ohio; Amish: Pennsylvania; Church Disciplines; Church Polity; Dienerversammlung; Gingerich, James Nelson; Schism)
Amish membership certificates. John S. Umble. 36:88-89 Ja 1962
(Listed under Amish: Ohio; Church Membership; Umble, John Sylvanus, 1881-1966)
Caesar and the Meidung. John Howard Yoder. 23:76-98 Ap 1949
(Listed under Amish: Ohio; Balzer, Heinrich; Church And State; Yoder, John Howard, 1927-1997)
4 articles matched.

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