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Volume: 42
Month: Ja
Year: 1968
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The Amish socialization study: a research project. John A. Hostetler. 42:68-73 Ja 1968; 44:181-91 Ap 1970
(Listed under Acculturation; Amish; Hostetler, John A)
An early Anabaptist tract on hermeneutics. Tr & ed by J.C. Wenger. 42:26-44 Ja 1968
(Listed under Anabaptists: Doctrine; Bible: Hermeneutics; Sattler, Michael, D. 1527; Wenger, John Christian, 1910-1995)
Was there a turning point of the Zwinglian Reformation? Robert C. Walton. 42:45-56 Ja 1968
(Listed under Anabaptists: Switzerland: Zurich; Reformation: Switzerland; Walton, Robert C; Zwingli, Ulrich, 1484-1531)
A history of the Mennonite elementary school movement. J. Lester Brubaker. 42:75-76 Ja 1968
(Listed under Brubaker, J. Lester; Education, Elementary)
Sanctification in the testimony of several so-called Schw George H. Williams. 42:5-25 Ja 1968
(Listed under Denck, Hans, Ca. 1495-1527; Hoffman, Melchior, D. 1543 Or 4; Hubmaier, Balthasar, D. 1528; Rink, Melchior, B. 1494; Sanctification; Williams, George Hunston, 1914)
Newly discovered Hutterite manuscripts: a preliminary note. Robert Freidmann. 42:73-74 Ja 1968
(Listed under Friedmann, Robert, 1891-1970; Hutterian Brethren: Sources; Manuscripts)
Foreign mission interest of the Mennonites in Russia before World War I. Waldemar Janzen. 42:57-67 Ja 1968
(Listed under Janzen, Waldemar; Mennonites: Russia: Missions; Missions: India; Missions: Indonesia)
Reviews. C. Norman Kraus. 42:80 Ja 1968
(Listed under Kraus, C. Norman)
Reviews. John B. Toews. 42:78-80 Ja 1968
(Listed under Toews, John B)
Reviews. John Howard Yoder. 42:77-78 Ja 1968
(Listed under Yoder, John Howard, 1927-1997)
10 articles matched.

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