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Volume: 23
Month: Ap
Year: 1949
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Caesar and the Meidung. John Howard Yoder. 23:76-98 Ap 1949
(Listed under Amish: Ohio; Balzer, Heinrich; Church And State; Yoder, John Howard, 1927-1997)
Anabaptist manuscripts in the Archives at Brno, Czechoslovakia. Harold S. Bender. 23:105-107 Ap 1949
(Listed under Anabaptists: Historiography; Bender, Harold Stauffer, 1897-1962; Hutterian Brethren; Hutterian Brethren: Sources; Manuscripts)
A letter from Wilhelm Reublin to Pilgram Marpeck, 1531. Tr & ed by J.C. Wenger. 23:67-75 Ap 1949
(Listed under Anabaptists: Switzerland; Marpeck, Pilgrim, Ca. 1795-1556; Reublin, Wilhelm, 16th Cent; Wenger, John Christian, 1910-1995)
Review. Joseph N. Byler. 23:117-119 Ap 1949
(Listed under Byler, Joseph N)
Mennonite elementary schools. Silas Hertzler. 1944-47, 21:285-290 O 1947; 1947-48, 23:108-112 Ap 1949; 1944-1947, 21:285-290 O 1947
(Listed under Education, Elementary; Hertzler, Silas, 1888-1975; Mennonites: Education)
Reviews. J. Winfield Fretz. 23:119 Ap 1949
(Listed under Fretz, J. Winfield)
Rescued documents relating to the history and genealogy of the Mennonites of former West Prussia. Gustav E. Reimer. 23:99-104 Ap 1949
(Listed under Genealogy; Mennonites: Historiography; Mennonites: West Prussia: Genealogy; Reimer, Gustav E., 1884-1955)
Reviews. Melvin Gingerich. 23:120 Ap 1949
(Listed under Gingerich, Melvin, 1902-1975)
Reviews. Irvin Buckwalter Horst. 23:113-115 Ap 1949
(Listed under Horst, Irvin Buckwalter)
Reviews. John Sylvanus Umble. 23:115-117 Ap 1949
(Listed under Umble, John Sylvanus, 1881-1966)
11 articles matched.
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