Contents of Volume LXXI
October 1997 Number Four



  • In This Issue (483)
  • News and Announcements (486)
  • Nicodemites Among Württemberg Anabaptists (487)
    John S. Oyer
  • Anabaptism, Anticlericalism and the Creation of a
    Protestant Clergy
    D. Jonathan Grieser
  • Politicized Service and Teamwork Tensions: Mennonite Central Committee in
    David E. Leaman
  • An Anabaptist Theory of Moral Obligation (571)
    Caleb Miller
  • Spirituality in Recent Mennonite Writing (593)
    John Rempel
  • Prescribing and Describing Martyrdom: Menno's Troestelijke Vermaninge and
    Het Offer Des Heeren
    Brad S. Gregory
  • Reviews (614)
    • Hege, Lydie and Christoph Wiebe, eds. The Amish Origin and Characteristics, 1693-1993. Review by Neal Ann Stuckey Levine
    • Lederach, John Paul. Preparing for Peace. Review by Peter Dula
    • Mosher, Steve. God's Power, Jesus' Faith, and World Mission: A Study in Romans. Review by Jacob W. Elias
    • Loewen, Harry assisted by Elke and Peter Foth and Elisabeth L. Wiens. Warum ich mennonitisch bin. Review by John S. Oyer
    • Scott, Stephen. An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups. Review by Thomas J. Meyers
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