Contents of Volume LXXVI
July 2002 Number Three



In Memoriam: Jarold K. Zeman, 1926-2000

In This Issue

A Historical and Theological Context for Mennonite-Lutheran Dialogue
John D. Roth

Confessions of Faith in the Anabaptist/Mennonite Tradition
Thomas Finger

The Role and Authority of Lutheran Confessional Writings: Do Lutherans Really "Condemn the Anabaptists?"
David G. Truemper

"Whether Christian Princes are Obligated to Apply Physical Punishment And the Sword Against the Unchristian Sect of the Anabaptists" (1536)
Philip Melanchthon (trans. by Leonard Gross)

The Mennonite Presence in the Chaco from a Catholic Perspective
Lucio Alfert (trans. by C. J. Dyck)

Book Reviews

Loewen, Royden, ed. From the Inside Out: The Rural Worlds of Mennonite Diarists, 1863 to 1929. Reviewed by Steven M. Nolt.

Regehr, T. D. Peace, Order and Good Government: Mennonites and Politics in Canada. Reviewed by William Janzen.

Augsburger, Myron. The Robe of God. Reviewed by Don Blosser.

Driedger, Leo. Mennonites in the Global Village. Reviewed by Ronald Stutzman.

Kasdorf, Julia. The Body and the Book: Writing from a Mennonite Life. Reviewed by Daniel Born.

Kreider, Alan and Stuart Murray. Coming Home: Stories of Anabaptists in Britain and Ireland. Reviewed by Lesley Misrahi.

News and Announcements

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