Contents of Volume LXXIII
January 1999 Number One



  • In Memoriam: Willard H. Smith (1900-1998) and J. A. Oosterbaan (1910-1998) (3)
  • Author Addresses (6)
  • In This Issue (7)
  • Guy F. Hershberger vis--vis J. Lawarence Burkholder: Irreconcilable Approaches to Christian Ethics? (9)
    Theron F. Schlabach
  • Mennonite-Catholic Conversations in North America: History, Convergences, Opportunities (35)
    Ivan J. Kauffman
  • Renewing the Conversation: Mennonite Responses to the Second Vatican Council (61)
    Earl Zimmerman
  • "We Are Born to Work Like the Birds to Fly": The Anabaptist-Hutterite Ideal Woman (75)
    Werner O. Packull
  • A Controversy Among the Amish Regarding the Rebaptism of Mennonites, 1820-1845: A Newly-Discovered Document (87)
    Paton Yoder
  • Fate, Hate and Denial: Ingrid Rimland's Lebensraum! (107)
    James Urry
  • Reviews (128)
    • Epp, Reuben. The Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch: Towards an Official Plautdietsch Orthography. Reviewed by Harry Loewen
    • Kaufman, Gordon D. God, Mystery, Diversity: Christian Theology in a Pluralistic World. Reviewed by Marlin Jeschke.
    • Visser, Piet and Mary S. Sprunger. Menno Simons: Places, Portraits and Progeny. Reviewed by William Keeney
    • Stoll, Joseph. The Wasted Years. Reviewed by Samuel L. Yoder
    • Stoll, Joseph, and Family. Sunshine and Shadow: Our Seven Years in Honduras. Reviewed by Paton Yoder
    • Sawatsky, Walter, and Wayne Pipkin, translators, and Perry B. Yoder and Willard M. Swartley, editors. The Meaning of Peace: Biblical Studies. Reviewed by William Klassen
    • Rineer, A. Hunter, Jr. Churches and Cemeteries of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: A Complete Guide. Reviewed by Steve Nolt
    • Zimmerman Umble, Diane. Holding the Line: The Telephone in Old Order Mennonite and Amish Life. Reviewed by Susan Biesecker-Mast
    • Edgerton, William, translator and editor. Memoirs of Peasant Tolstoyans in Soviet Russia. Reviewed by Lawrence Klippenstein
    • Dueck, Alvin. Between Jerusalem and Athens: Ethical Perspectives on Culture, Religion and Psychotherapy. Reviewed by Ronald C. Arnett
  • News and Announcements (143)


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