Contents of Volume LXXI
January 1997 Number Two



  • In This Issue (3)
  • U.S. Mennonite Poetry and Poets: Beyond Dr. Johnson's Dog (5)
    Jeff Gundy
  • North American Mennonite Playwrights, 1980-1996 (43)
    Anna Kreider Juhnke
  • Plain and Fancy: A Review of Research in Mennonite Folk Arts (69)
    Ervin Beck
  • A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Writings of John Howard Yoder (93)
    Mark Thiessen Nation
  • The Passing of the Radical Moment in the Radical Reformation (147)
    James M. Stayer
  • Reviews (153)
    • Gould, Glenn. Solitude Trilogy: Three Sound Documentaries. Review by Bradley Lehman
    • Roth, John D., ed. Refocusing a Vision. Review by Dennis D. Martin
    • Shank, David A. Prophet Harris, The Black Elijah of West Africa. Review by Stan Friesen
  • News and Announcements 159)
  • Authors' Addresses (160)

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