Contents of Volume LXXIX
January 2005 Number One


In Memoriam: Nelson Springer, 1915-2004

In This Issue

Ritual As My Third Language: An Autobiographical Account
John Rempel

The Origins and Development of Anointing Among Nineteenth-Century Mennonites
Mark R. Wenger

The Performance of Worship and the Ordering of Our Lives: Liturgy and Ethics in the Mennonite Tradition
Irma Fast Dueck

“What Is It I Know?”: Notes Toward an Embodied Gnosis
Jeff Gundy

Heidegger’s Shoes and Beautiful Feet: Ritual Meaning and Cultural Portability
Peter C. Blum

“Molochna—2004: Mennonites and Their Neighbors (1804-2004)”: An International Conference, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, June 2-5, 2004
Peter Letkemann

Book Reviews
Reimer, A. James. The Dogmatic Imagination: The Dynamics of Christian Belief.
Reviewed by Keith Graber Miller

Harink, Douglas. Paul Among the Postliberals: Pauline Theology Beyond Christendom and Modernity.
Reviewed by J. Alexander Sider

Green, Joel B. and Mark D. Baker. Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Atonement in New Testament and Contemporary Contexts.
Reviewed by Mary H. Schertz

Löneke, Regina. Die “Hiesigen” und die “Unsrigen.” Wertverständnis Mennonitischer Aussiedlerfamilien aus Dörfern der Region Orenburg/Ural.
Reviewed by Heinrich Klassen

Thiessen, Jack. Mennonite Low German Dictionary/Mennonitisch-Plattdeutsches Wörterbuch.
Reviewed by Reuben Epp

Warkentin, Jakob. Die deutschsprachigen Siedlerschulen in Paraguay im Spannungsfeld staatlicher Kultur- und Entwicklungspolitik.
Reviewed by Gerhard Reimer

Martens, Helen. Hutterite Songs.
Reviewed by Astrid von Schlachta

Hughes, Richard T. Myths America Lives By.
Reviewed by Michael S. Hamilton

Schirmer, Will. Reaching Beyond the Mennonite Comfort Zone: Exploring from the Inside Out.
Reviewed by Art McPhee

Miller, Evie Yoder. Eyes at the Window.
Reviewed by Levi Miller

Greiser, David B. and Michael A. King, eds. Anabaptist Preaching: A Conversation Between Pulpit, Pew & Bible.
Reviewed by Sue Conrad

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