Contents of Volume LXXVII
January 2003 Number One


Author Addresses

In This Issue

Mennonite World Conference, 1925-2000: From Euro-American Conference to Worldwide Communion
John A. Lapp and Ed van Straten

A Mennonite-Christian View of Suffering: The Case of Russian Mennonites in the 1930s and 1940s
Harry Loewen

Atonement, Violence and the Will of God: A Sympathetic Response to J. Denny Weaver's The Nonviolent Atonement
Christopher D. Marshall

Thinking Theologically About War Against Iraq
Ted Koontz

Amish Tourism: "Visiting Shipshewana is Better Than Going to the Mall"
Thomas J. Meyers

The Mennonite Year in Review - "They Left Everything and Followed Him": A Year of Finding a New Way to Community
Robert Rhodes

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Marshall, Christopher D. Crowned with Glory and Honor: Human Rights in the Biblical Tradition. Reviewed by Martin Shupack

Peachey, Paul. Leaving and Clinging: The Human Significance of the Conjugal Union. Reviewed by Gayle Gerber Koontz

Schmidt, Kimberly D., Diane Zimmerman Umble and Steven D. Reschly. Strangers at Home. Amish and Mennonite Women in History. Reviewed by Karen Johnson-Weiner

Horst, Isaac R. A Separate People: An Insider's View of Old Order Mennonite Customs and Traditions.
Horst, Isaac R. Bei sich selwer un ungwehnlich: Alt Mennischde Weg vun Lewe in Ontario, zwett auflage / Separate and Peculiar: Old Order Mennonite Life in Ontario. 2nd ed. Reviewed by Steven Nolt

Hess, Clarke. Mennonite Arts. Reviewed by Ervin Beck

Kraybill, Donald B. The Riddle of Amish Culture (rev. ed.). Reviewed by Bruce Tharpe

Redekop, Calvin W. The Pax Story: Service in the Name of Christ 1951-1976. Reviewed by Marion Wenger

Wenger, Esther, Malcolm Wenger and Ann Wenger. Healing the Wounds: One Family's Journey Among the Northern Cheyenne. Reviewed by Janet Shoemaker

Book Notes
Baumen, Chad Mullet and James R. Kraybill, eds. Anabaptism and Mission: A Bibliography, 1859-2000.
Krabill, James R., ed. Mission Insight: Handing on the Legacy. Mission Issues and Stories from Mennonite Board of Missions.
Voogt, Gerrit. Constraint on Trial: Dirk Volckertsz Coornhert and Religious Freedom.
Sider, E. Morris. Canadian Portraits: Brethren in Christ Biographical Sketches.
Littell, Franklin H. Historical Atlas of Christianity.
Cruz, Daniel Shank, ed. How Julia Kasdorf Changed My Life: Reflections on Mennonite Identity.

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