Contents of Volume LXXV
January 2001 Number One


  • In Memoriam: George Hunston Williams, 1914-2000

  • In This Issue

  • Author Addresses

  • The Amish "Mission Movement" and the Reformulation of Amish Identity in the Twentieth Century
    Steve Nolt

  • The Uncovering of the Babylonian Whore: Confessionalization and Politics Seen from the Underside
    Neal Blough

  • Anabaptists, Spiritualists and the Reformed Church in East Frisia
    Samme Zijlstra

  • Preliminary Report on Pilgram Marpeck's Sponsorship of Anabaptist Flugschriften
    Werner O. Packull

  • The Mennonite Year in Review:
    Moving Stubbornly Toward the Kingdom of God: Mennonite Identity in the Twenty First Century
    Mark Metzler Sawin

    Mennonites in the Year 2000
    John A. Lapp

  • News and Announcements 121
  • Lucille Marr

  • Book Reviews
    Murray, Stuart. Biblical Interpretation in the Anabaptist Tradition. Reviewed by D. Jonathan Grieser

    Bertsche, Jim. CIM/AIMM: A Story of Vision, Commitment and Grace. Reviewed by David A. Shank

    Biesecker-Mast, Susan and Gerald, eds. Anabaptists and Postmodernity. Reviewed by C. Norman Kraus

    Harder, Lydia Neufeld. Obedience, Suspicion and the Gospel of Mark. Reviewed by Mary H. Schertz

    Bush, Perry. Dancing with the Kobzar: Bluffton College and Mennonite Higher Education, 1899-1999. Reviewed by Steve Nolt

    Grimsrud, Ted and Loren L. Johns. Peace and Justice Shall Embrace: Power and Theopolitics in the Bible. Reviewed by C. Norman Kraus

    Klassen, Sarah. Dangerous Elements.
    Klassen, Sarah. Simone Weil: Songs of Hunger and Love. Reviewed by Ann Hostetler

    Stoesz, Edgar and Muriel T. Stackley. Garden in the Wilderness. Mennonite Communities in the Paraguayen Chaco, 1927-1997. Reviewed by Cornelius J. Dyck

    Harder, Leland D. and Samuel W. Harder. The Blumstein Legacy. A Six Generation Family Saga. Reviewed by Cornelius J. Dyck

    Swartley, Mary and Rhoda Keener, eds. She Has Done a Good Thing. Reviewed by Sue L. Conrad

    Kanagy, Conrad L. and Donald B. Kraybill. The Riddles of Human Society. Reviewed by Michael L. Yoder

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