Contents of Volume LXXIV
January 2000 Number One



  • Author Addresses (6)
  • "Test Everything; Hold Fast to What is Good": How Menno Caused a Reformed Pastor to Travel from Murten to Moravia (7)
    Hanspeter Jecker
  • "Searching Through the Nations": Tasks and Problems of Sixteenth-Century Hutterian Mission (27)
    Astrid von Schlachta
  • The Hutterian Brethren and the Printed Book: A Contribution to Anabaptist Bibliography (51)
    Martin Rothkegel
  • The (Not-So) "Simple Confession" of the Late Sixteenth-Century Anabaptists. Part II: The Evolution of Separatist Anabaptism (87)
    Arnold Snyder
  • Anabaptists in Seventeenth-Century Schleitheim: Popular Resistance to the Consolidation of State Power in the Early Modern Era (123)
    Roland Hofer
  • Research Note: The "Patriarche" of Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (145)
    Robert Baecher
  • Research Note: The Extant Writings of Geeritt Roosen, 1612-1711 (159)
    Michael Driedger
  • Early Seventeenth-Century Mennonite Confessions of Faith: The Development of an Anabaptist Tradition [Dissertation Abstract] (171)
    Karl Koop
  • The Repression and Survival of Anabaptism in the Emmenthal, Switzerland, 1659-1743 [Dissertation Abstract] (174)
    Mark Furner
  • The Mennonite Year in Review: Minding Us Mennonites (175)
    Phyllis Pellman Good
  • Purple Clematis and Yellow Pine: On Cemeteries, Irony and Difference (183)
    Marlene Epp
  • Letter to the Editor (191)
  • Book Reviews (193)
    • Jecker, Hanspeter. Ketzer-Rebellen-Heilige. Das Basler Täufertum von 1580-1700. Reviewed by Arnold Snyder
    • Lowry, James W. The Martyrs' Mirror Made Plain. Reviewed by Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast
    • Doornkat Koolman, Jacobus ten. Dirk Philips. Friend and Colleague of Menno Simons. Reviewed by Brad S. Gregory
    • Harrison, Wes. Andreas Ehrenpreis and Hutterite Faith and Practice. Reviewed by Astrid von Schlachta
    • Eijnatten, Joris van. Mutua Christianorum Tolerantia: Irenicism and Toleration in the Netherlands. Reviewed by Michael Driedger
    • Good, Merle and Phyllis Pellman, eds. What Mennonites are Thinking 1998. Reviewed by Levi Miller
    • Hoekema, Alle and Roelf Kuitse, eds. Discipleship in Context. Reviewed by John A. Lapp
    • Dueck, Abe. Moving Beyond Succession: Defining Russian Mennonite Brethren Mission and Identity, 1872-1922. Reviewed by Calvin Redekop
    • LeMasters, Philip. Discipleship Between Creation and Redemption. Reviewed by Chris K. Huebner
    • Kauffman, Richard and Gayle Gerber Koontz, eds. Theology for the Church: Writings by Marlin E. Miller. Reviewed by Thomas Finger
    • Brackney, William H., ed. The Believers Church: A Voluntary Church. Reviewed by J. Howard Kauffman
    • Rossinow, Doug. The Politics of Authenticity: Liberalism, Christianity and the New Left in America. Reviewed by David Hostetter
    • Wiebe, Rudy and Yvonne Johnson. Stolen Life: The Journey of a Cree Woman. Reviewed by Ervin Beck.
    • Klaassen, Walter. Armageddon and the Peaceable Kingdom. Reviewed by Ted Grimsrud
    • Yoder Nyce, Dorothy, ed. Rooted and Branching: Women Worldwide. Reviewed by Jeanne Liechty
  • News and Announcements 223


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