Contents of Volume LXXV
April 2001 Number Two


  • In This Issue: Family, Community and Discipleship in the Anabaptist- Mennonite Tradition
    John D. Roth

  • A Christian Social Perspective on the Family
    Lisa Sowell Cahill

  • Innocence, Nurture and Vigilance: The Child in the Work of Menno Simons
    Keith Graber Miller

  • Mennonite Families: Characteristics and Trends
    J. Howard Kauffman and Thomas J. Meyers

  • Odd Wo/Man Out: The Systematic Marginalization of Mennonite Singles by the Church's Focus on the Family
    Elizabeth M. Goering and Andrea Krause

  • The Role of Women in Old Order Amish, Beachy Amish and Fellowship Churches
    Karen Johnson-Weiner

  • Ontario's Conference of Historic Peace Church Families and the "Joy of Service"
    Lucille Marr

  • Book Reviews
    Arthur, Anthony. The Tailor-King: The Rise and Fall of the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster. Reviewed by D. Jonathan Grieser

    Yoder, Paton and Steven R. Estes. Proceedings of the Amish Ministers' Meetings 1862-1878. Reviewed by Steven D. Reschly

    Thiesen, John D. Mennonite & Nazi? Reviewed by Benjamin W. Redekop

    Thiessen, Edna Schroeder and Angela Showalter. A Life Displaced: A Mennonite Woman's Flight from War-Torn Poland. Reviewed by James Satterwhite

    Bush, Perry. Dancing with the Kobzar: Bluffton College and Mennonite Higher Education, 1899-1999. Reviewed by Steven M. Nolt

    Rubin, Julius H. The Other Side of Joy: Religious Melancholy Among the Bruderhof. Reviewed by Fred Kniss

    Detweiler, Lowell. The Hammer Rings Hope. Reviewed by Arthur A. Smucker

  • Book Notes

    Yoder, Doyle and Leslie Kelly. America's Amish Country II. Noted by Thomas J. Meyer

    Good, Phyllis Pellman. Amish Children. Noted by Thomas J. Meyer

    Luthy, David. Why Some Amish Communities Fail: Extinct Settlements, 1961-1999. Noted by Steven M. Nolt

    Stoll, Joseph. How the Dordrecht Confession Came Down to Us. Noted by Steven M. Nolt

    Lohrenz, Gerhard. Zagradovka: A History of a Mennonite Settlement in Southern Russia. Trans. by Victor G. Doerksen. Noted by John D. Roth

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