Contents of Volume LXXIV
April 2000 Number Two



  • Author Addresses (226)
  • In This Issue (227)
  • "On Civilizing the Nogais": Mennonite-Nogai Economic Relations, 1825-1860 (229)
    John R. Staples
  • The Schwenckfeldians in Strasbourg, 1533-1562: A Prosopographical Survey (257)
    John Derksen
  • The War of the Lamb: Postmodernity and John Howard Yoder's Eschatological Genealogy of Morals (295)
    P. Travis Kroeker
  • A Second Menno? Eduard Wüst and Mennonite Brethren Beginnings (311)
    Victor G. Doerksen
  • Research Note: On the Trail of Jacob Ammann (326)
    Mark Furner
  • Research Note: Identifying Jacob Ammann (329)
    John Hüppi
  • News and Announcements (340)
  • Book Reviews (341)
    • Gregory, Brad S. Salvation at Stake. Christian Martyrdom in Early Modern Europe.

    Reviewed by James M. Stayer
    • Brednich, Rolf Wilhelm. Die Hutterer: Eine alternative Kultur in der modernen Welt.

    Reviewed by Leonard Gross
    • Heisey, Nancy R. and Daniel S. Schipani, eds. Theological Education of Five Continents. Anabaptist Perspectives.

    Reviewed by David A. Shank
    • Redekop, Calvin W. Leaving Anabaptism: From Evangelical Mennonite Brethren to Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches.

    Reviewed by Michael Yoder
    • McMaster, Susan, ed. Siolence: Poets on Women, Violence and Silence.
    • Nickel, Barbara. The Gladys Elegies.
    • Reimer, Naomi. The Taken.

    Reviewed by Anne Hostetler

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