Contents of Volume LXXXVI
October 2012 Number Four




In Memoriam: Jakob Warkentin (1938-2012)

In Memoriam: Paul Samuel Boyer (1935-2012)

In This Issue

Tracing the Backstory of Amish Romance Novels
Valerie Weaver-Zercher

Educating “Hispano Hoosiers”: From the Hispanic Ministries Program to the Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning at Goshen College, 1979-2006
Felipe Hinojosa

Mennonite Ethics and the Ways of the World: Rethinking Culture for Renewed Witness
Luke Beck Kreider

Just Wages: Compensation at Mennonite Institutions of Higher Education
Jonny Gerig Meyer

Book Reviews

Wiebe, Paul D. Heirs and Joint Heirs: Mission to Church among the Mennonite Brethren of Andhra Pradesh.
Wiebe, Paul D. and David A. Wiebe. In Another Day of the Lord: The Mission Days of the Mennonite Brethren Church of India in Pictures.
Reviewed by Valerie G. Rempel

Krabill, James R., ed. Mission from the Margins: Selected Writings from the Life and Ministry of David A. Shank.
Reviewed by Daryl Climenhaga

Roth, John D. Teaching that Transforms: Why Anabaptist-Mennonite Education Matters.
Reviewed by Karen Kreider Yoder

Sider, J. Alexander. To See History Doxologically: History and Holiness in John Howard Yoder’s Ecclesiology.
Reviewed by N. Gerald Shenk

Nugent, John C. The Politics of Yahweh: John Howard Yoder, The Old Testament, and the People of God.
Reviewed by Myles Werntz

Martin, Joseph B. Alfalfa to Ivy: Memoir of a Harvard Medical School Dean.
Reviewed by John A. Lapp

Rauert, Matthias H. and Martin Rothkegel, comps., Gottfried Seebass,  ed. Katalog der hutterischen Handschriften und der Drucke aus hutterischem Besitz in Europa.
Reviewed by Joe A. Springer

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Contents of Volume LXXXVI (2012)


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