Contents of Volume LXXXV
July 2011 Number Three



In This Issue

In Memoriam: Irvin Buckwalter Horst (1915-2011)
Lois Bauman

In Memoriam: Hans Kasdorf (1928-2011)
Heinrich Klassen

Retracing the Blurred Boundaries of Twentieth-Century “Amish Mennonite” Identity
Cory Anderson

The Southern Cheyenne in the Poetry of Anna Ruth Ediger Baehr
Ann Hostetler and Sarah Roth-Mullet

Jan Luyken, the Martyrs Mirror, and the Iconography of Suffering
Sarah Covington

Anabaptist Use of Patristic Literature and Creeds
Andy Alexis-Baker

Review Essay: Reflections on Graham Ward’s The Politics of Discipleship
Isaac Villegas

News and Announcements

Author Addresses

Book Reviews
Wiebe, Katie Funk. You Never Gave Me a Name: One Mennonite Woman’s Story.
Reviewed by Diane Zimmerman Umble

Ratzlaff, Keith. Then, a Thousand Crows.
Reviewed by Sheri Hostetler

Davis, Todd. The Least of These.
Reviewed by Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Roth, John D. Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness.
Reviewed by Gerald W. Schlabach

Kraybill, J. Nelson. Apocalypse and Allegiance: Worship, Politics, and Devotion in the Book of Revelation.
Reviewed by John R. Yeatts

Schlabach, Gerald W. Unlearning Protestantism. Sustaining Christian Community in an Unstable Age.
Reviewed by Walter Klaassen

Grimsrud, Ted. Theology as if Jesus Matters: An Introduction to Christianity’s Main Convictions.
Reviewed by Andrew Brubacher Kaethler

Hage, Hermann. Amische Mennoniten in Bayern: Von der Einwanderung ab 1802/03 bis zur Auflösung der amischen Gemeinden Ende des 19. und Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts.
Reviewed by Joe Springer

Pipkin, H. Wayne Walker. Scholar, Pastor, Martyr: The Life and Ministry of Balthasar Hubmaier (ca. 1480-1528).
Reviewed by Andrew P. Klager
Reviewed by Darren T. Williamson

Shaw, Amy J. Crisis of Conscience: Conscientious Objection in Canada during the First World War.
Reviewed by Hans Werner

Wesner, Erik. Success Made Simple: An Inside Look at Why Amish Businesses Thrive.
Reviewed by George A. Lehman

Nisly, Paul W. Shared Faith, Bold Vision, Enduring Promise: The Maturing Years of Messiah College.
Reviewed by Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas



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