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January 2012 Number One



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The Prosecution of Anabaptists in Holland, 1530-1566
Jaap Geraerts

‘‘Like Entering an Armed Camp’’: Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Language of Violent-Toy Protests
Rachel Waltner Goossen

Toward Post-Peace Poetry: or, What to Do with the Drunken Soldiers?
Jeff Gundy

Review Essay: Recent German Research on Thomas Müntzer
Peter Matheson

News and Announcements

Book Reviews
Wälchli, Philipp, Urs B. Leu, and Christian Scheidegger, eds. Täufer und Reformierte im Disput: Texte des 17. Jahrhunderts über Verfolgung und Toleranz aus Zürich und Amsterdam.
Reviewed by James W. Lowry

Cross, Anthony R., and Nicholas J. Wood, eds. Exploring Baptist Origins.
Reviewed by James R. Coggins

Jantzen, Mark. Mennonite German Soldiers: Nation, Religion, and Family in the Prussian East, 1772-1880.
Reviewed by Gerhard Rempel

Lehman, Martin W. Roots and Branches: A Narrative History of the Amish and Mennonites in Southeast United States, 1892-1992. Volume 1: Roots, 1892-1969.
Reviewed by Rolando L. Santiago

Driedger, Leo. At the Forks: Mennonites in Winnipeg.
Reviewed by Janis Thiessen

Kraybill, Donald B. Concise Encyclopedia of Amish, Brethren, Hutterites, and Mennonites.
Reviewed by Theron F. Schlabach

Zehr, Paul M. 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus. Believers Church Bible Commentary.
Reviewed by Jerry L. Sumney

Boers, Arthur. Day by Day These Things We Pray: Uncovering the Ancient Rhythms of Prayer.
Reviewed by Mary Etta King

Baker, Sharon L., and Michael Hardin, eds. Peace Be With You: Christ’s Benediction Amid Violent Empires
Reviewed by Dean J. Johnson

Graber Miller, Keith, ed. Prophetic Peacemaking: Selected Writings of J.R. Burkholder.
Reviewed by Holly Scott and Joseph S. Miller

Beachy, Kirsten E., ed. Tongue Screws and Testimonies: Poems, Stories, and Essays Inspired by the Martyrs Mirror.  
Reviewed by David Weaver-Zercher

Wiebe, Rudy. Rudy Wiebe: Collected Stories, 1955-2010.
Reviewed by Sarah Klassen

Eby,Omar. Mill Creek: A Novel.
Reviewed by Ervin Beck

Neufeld, Laurence, and Monika McKillen, eds. Woldemar Neufeld’s Canada: A Mennonite Artist in the Canadian Landscape, 1925-1995.
Reviewed by Jon Yoder

Book Notes
Barth, Emmy, ed. An Embassy Besieged: The Story of a Christian Community in Nazi Germany.
Frazier, Pat, ed. Redefining Duty:  Stories of Alternative Service in the Name of Christ, 1942-70.
Draper, Barb. The Mennonites of St. Jacobs and Elmira: Understanding the Variety.
Roth, Alice Metzler, ed. Things We Have Known: Through the 20th Century with A.J. and Alta Metzler.

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