Contents of Volume LXXXIV
January 2010 Number One


In This Issue

Balthasar Hubmaier's Use of the Church Fathers: Availability, Access and Interaction
Andrew P. Klager

Toward an Anabaptist Covenantal Soteriology: A Dialogue with Balthasar Hubmaier and Contemporary Pauline Scholarship
Matthew Eaton

Radicalizing Luther: How Balthasar Hubmaier (Mis)Read the "Father of the Reformation"
Brian C. Brewer

Johann Fabri's Justification Concerning the Execution of Balthasar Hubmaier
Jonathan R. Seiling

Hubmaier's Letter to Johannes Sapidus
Kirk R. MacGregor

Research Note: Religion and Work in Post-War North America: Mennonite Responses to Labor Activism, 1945-1995
Janis Thiessen

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Klaassen, Walter and William Klassen. Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity.
Reviewed by Stephen Boyd

Epp, Marlene. Mennonite Women in Canada: A History.
Reviewed by Kimberly D. Schmidt

Hinz-Penner, Raylene. Searching for Sacred Ground: The Journey of Chief Lawrence Hart, Mennonite.
Reviewed by Theron F. Schlabach

Janzen, Rod. Paul Tschetter: The Story of a Hutterite Immigrant Leader, Pioneer and Pastor.
Reviewed by David A. Haury

Werner, Hans. Imagined Homes: Soviet German Immigrants in Two Cities.
Reviewed by M. J. Heisey

Alexander, Paul. Peace to War: Shifting Allegiances in the Assemblies of God.
Reviewed by William Kostlevy

Sider, Ronald J. I Am Not a Social Activist: Making Jesus the Agenda.
Reviewed by David R. Swartz

York, Tripp. Living on Hope While Living in Babylon: The Christian Anarchists of the Twentieth Century.
Reviewed by Andy Alexis-Baker

Kerr, Nathan R. Christ, History, and Apocalyptic: The Politics of Christian Mission.
Reviewed by Daniel P. Umbel

Logan, James Samuel. Good Punishment? Christian Moral Practice and U.S. Imprisonment.
Reviewed by Jennifer Graber

Alderfer, Helen Wade. The Mill Grinds Fine: Collected Poems.
Reviewed by Ann Hostetler

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