April 2013 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume LXXXVII
April 2013 Number Two

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Overview by John D. Roth, editor

  • Dutch Mennonites and German Jewish Refugee Children, 1938-1945
    Alle G. Hoekema
  • Power, Tradition, and Renewal: The Concern Movement and the Fragmented Institutionalization of Mennonite Life
    Nathan Hershberger
  • Ethics as Improvisation: Anabaptist Communal Discernment as Method
    Ryan Andrew Newson
  • South Korean Christians and Social Violence: The Silence of Adam and the Revolutionary Subordination of Jesus
    Hyung Jin Kim Sun
  • A Matter of Diplomacy: The British Government and the Mennonite Immigration from Russia to Manitoba, 1872-1875
    James Urry

Book Reviews

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  • Asheervadam, I. P., et al. Churches Engage Asian Traditions. Global Mennonite History Series: Asia.
    Reviewed by Bernardo A. Michael
  • Bergen, Jeremy M. Ecclesial Repentance: The Churches Confront Their Sinful Past.
    Reviewed by Helmut Harder
  • Thiessen, Elmer John. The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion.
    Reviewed by Kevin Gary
  • Shenk, Joanna, ed. Widening the Circle: Experiments in Christian Discipleship.
    Reviewed by Matthew J. Kraybill
  • Janzen, Rod and Max Stanton. The Hutterites in North America.
    Reviewed by Leonard Gross
  • Raber, Mary and Peter F. Penner, eds. History and Mission in Europe: Continuing the Conversation.
    Reviewed by Kent Eby
  • Burkholder, Jared S. and David C. Cramer, eds. The Activist Impulse: Essays on the Intersection of Evangelicalism and Anabaptism.
    Reviewed by Philipp Gollner
  • Raid, Elizabeth. Howard Raid: Man of Faith and Vision.
    Reviewed by Wally Kroeker
  • Pietersen, Lloyd. Reading the Bible after Christendom.
    Reviewed by Michele Hershberger

Book Notes

Jenkins, Mary and Clare Claridge. Making Welsh Quilts.

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