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April 2010 Number Two

In This Issue
On the Recent Growth of New Amish Settlements
Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Elizabeth C. Cooksey

Anabaptist Hermeneutics and Theological Education
Antonio González (trans. by Joseph Owen)

The Mennonite Commonwealth in Imperial Russia Revisited
James Urry

A Peace Crueler than War’ Just Policing in a Foucauldian Perspective
Nathan Colborne

Some New Voices in Mennonite Poetry: A Review Essay
Ann Hostetler

News and Announcements
Book Reviews
Unruh, Heinrich B. Fügungen und Führungen: Benjamin Heinrich Unruh, 1881-1959: Ein Leben im Geiste christlicher Humanität und im Dienste der Nächstenliebe.
Reviewed by Gerhard Rempel
Bergen, Ernst, as told to Phyllis Pellman Good. Jumping Into Empty Space: A Reluctant Mennonite Businessman Serves in Paraguay’s Presidential Cabinet.
Reviewed by Everett J. Thomas
Braun, Connie T. The Steppes are the Color of Sepia: A Mennonite Memoir.
Reviewed by Shirley Hershey Showalter
Church, Richard P. First Be Reconciled: Challenging Christians in the Courts.
Reviewed by Timothy Stoltzfus Jost
Cortright, David. Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas.
Reviewed by Pamela Leach
Weaver, Alain Epp and Gerald J. Mast, eds. The Work of Jesus Christ in Anabaptist Perspective: Essays in Honor of J. Denny Weaver.
Reviewed by Christian Early
Hess, Cynthia. Sites of Violence, Sites of Grace: Christian Nonviolence and the Traumatized Self.
Reviewed by Carolyn Yoder
Hess, Richard S. and Elmer A. Martens, eds. War in the Bible and Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century

Reviewed by Willard M. Swartley
Schubert, Anselm. Täufertum und Kabbalah. Augustin Bader und die Grenzen der Radikalen Reformation
Reviewed by Hans-Jürgen Goertz
Neufeldt, Leonard. The Coat is Thin: Poems.
Reviewed by Ami M. Regier
Janzen, Jean. Paper House.
Reviewed by Keith Ratzlaff
Book Notes
Bachmann-Geiser, Brigitte. Amish: The Way of Life of the Amish in Berne, Indiana, with a CD of Amish Hymns and Folksongs.
Kauffman, Ivan J. "Follow Me": A History of Christian Intentionality.
Stuckey Levine, Neil Ann, ed. Transplanted German Farmer: The Life and Times of Christian Iutzi (1788-1857), 1832 Immigrant to Butler County, Ohio, in His Own Words.
Lassabe-Bernard, Marie-Thérèze. Les Houttériens.

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