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October 2002 Number Four

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Key Decisions in the Lives of the Old Order
Amish: Joining the Church and Migrating to Another Settlement

Lawrence P. Greksa and Jill E. Korbin
Worldly Preachers and True Shepherds: Anticlericalism and Pastoral Identity
among Anabaptists of the Lower Rhine
Karl Koop
Nonconformists on the Elbe River: Pious, Wealthy and Perplexed
Hans-Jürgen Goertz (trans. by Jacob Jost and John D.

Not Pledging as Liturgy: Lessons from Karl Barth
and American Mennonites on Refusing National Oaths

John Perry
The “Green Hell” Becomes Home:
Mennonites In Paraguay as Described in the Writings of Peter P. Klassen

Gerhard Reimer

Book Reviews

Ruth, John Landis. The Earth is the Lord’s: A Narrative History
of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference.

Reviewed by Mark Metzler Sawin
Kraybill, Donald B. and C. Nelson Hostetter. Anabaptist World USA.
Reviewed by J. Howard Kauffman
Carter, Craig A. The Politics of the Cross: The Theology and Social
Ethics of John Howard Yoder
Berkman, John and Michael Cartwright, eds. The Hauerwas Reader.
Reviewed by Mark Thiessen Nation
Hauerwas, Stanley. With the Grain of the Universe: The Church’s
Witness and Natural Theology

Reviewed by D. Stephen Long
Roth, John D., ed. Engaging Anabaptism.
Reviewed by Brinton L. Rutherford
Loewen, Royden. Hidden Worlds: Revisiting the Mennonite Migrants of
the 1870s.

Reviewed by James Urry.
Hildebrandt, Georg. Why Are You Still Alive? A German in the Gulag.
Reviewed by Victor R. Koop
Birdsell, Sandra. The Russländer.
Reviewed by David P. Sudermann
Matheson, Peter. The Imaginative World of the Reformation.
Reviewed by Stephen E. Buckwalter
Hanks, Gardner C. Capital Punishment and the Bible.
Reviewed by Darrin W. Belousek
Blough, Neal, ed. Eschatologie et vie quotidienne.
Reviewed by David A. Shank
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Author Addresses
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