April 2005 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume
April 2005 Number Two

In Memoriam: Sjouke Voolstra, 1942-2004
In Memoriam: J. Winfield Fretz, 1910-2005
In This Issue
The Kitchenhood of all Believers: A Journey
into the Discourse of Mennonite Cookbooks

Matthew Bailey-Dick
From Cross to Cross-Stich: The Ascendancy of
the Quilt

Daniel Born
The Dutch Windmill as an Icon of Russian Mennonite Heritage
Tamara A. Sawatzky
“To Help Us Think of God”: Iconic Versus Anti-Iconic Mennonite
Celebrations of Christmas and Easter in Kansas
Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen
Karel van Mander’s Mennonite Roots in Flanders
David A. Shank

Review Essay: Fernando Enns on Mennonite Ecumenism

Helmut Harder
News and Announcements
Book Reviews
Bush, Perry. Two Kingdoms, Two Loyalties: Mennonite Pacifism in Modern

Reviewed by Theron F. Schlabach
Beck, Ervin. MennoFolk: Mennonite and Amish Folk Traditions.
Reviewed by Catherine Hiebert Kerst
Hershey, Mary Jane Lederach. This Teaching I Present: Fraktur from
the Skippack and Salford Mennonite Meetinghouse Schools, 1747-1836
Reviewed by Dennis K. Moyer
Smucker, Janneken, et al. Amish Crib Quilts from the Midwest: The
Sarah Miller Collection
Reviewed by Ervin Beck
Earnest, Corinne and Russell. To the Latest Posterity: Pennsylvania-German
Family Registers in the Fraktur Tradition
Reviewed by Mary Jane Lederach Hershey
Schipani, Daniel S. The Way of Wisdom in Pastoral Counseling.
Reviewed by Delores Histand Friesen
Weaver, J. Denny and Gerald Biesecker-Mast, eds. Teaching Peace: Nonviolence
and the Liberal Arts.

Reviewed by Dean J. Johnson
Loewen, Harry, ed. Shepherds, Servants and Prophets: Leadership Among
the Russian Mennonites (1880-1960).

Reviewed by David J. Rempel Smucker
Bach, Jeff. Voices of the Turtledove: The Sacred World of Ephrata.
Reviewed by Edsel Burdge, Jr.
Riall, Robert, trans. and ed. The Earliest Hymns of the Ausbund.
Reviewed by Gerald Biesecker-Mast
Regehr, T. D. Faith, Life and Witness in the Northwest, 1903-2003:
Centennial History of the Northwest Conference.

Reviewed by Rafael E. Barahona
Book Notes
Kraybill, Donald B., ed. The Amish and the State (2nd ed.).
Kraybill, Donald B. The Upside-Down Kingdom: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Rodes, David S. and Norman R. Wenger, comps. Unionists and the Civil
War Experience in the Shenandoah Valley. Vol. I

Yoder, John Howard. Discipleship as Political Responsibility.
Lowry, James W., trans. Hans Landis, Swiss Anabaptist Martyr in Seventeenth-Century

Noted by Steven M. Nolt
Author Addresses

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