January 2004 Table of Contents

Contents of Volume
January 2004 Number One

In Memoriam: J. Howard Kauffman, 1919-2003
In This Issue
The Legacy of the Marpeck Community in Anabaptist Scholarship
William Klassen
The Church as Sign or Sacrament? Trinitarian
Ecclesiology, Pilgram Marpeck, Vatican II and John Milbank

Neal Blough
Pilgram Marpeck and the Christus Victor Motif
Tom Finger
Reading Marpeck for the First Time
Steven Siebert
A Memorandum of Bullinger and the Clergy Regarding the Punishment of the
Anabaptists (May 1535)
Urs B. Leu (translated by John D. Roth)
Review Essay: Luther Blissett, Q
Jacob Jost
Author Addresses
Book Reviews
Hoekema, Alle. Dutch Mennonite Mission in Indonesia: Historical Essays.
Reviewed by Lawrence Yoder
Epp-Tiessen, Esther. J. J. Thiessen: A Leader for His Time.
Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky
Brock, Peter and Thomas P. Socknat, eds. Challenge to Mars: Pacifism
from 1918 to 1945.

Reviewed by Robert Charles
Redekop, Benjamin W. and Calvin W. Redekop, eds. Power, Authority,
and the Anabaptist Tradition.

Reviewed by Scott Sernau
Widmer, Pierre. Vivre Pleinement: Principes de Vie Chrétienne.
Reviewed by David A. Shank
Zehr, Howard. Transcending: Reflections of Crime Victims.
Reviewed by Julie P. Hart
Zerbe, Gordon, ed. Reclaiming the Old Testament: Essays in Honour
of Waldemar Janzen
Reviewed by Christina Bucher
Kanagaraj, Jey J., ed. Unfailing Vision: The Story of Union Biblical

Reviewed by John A. Lapp
News and Announcements

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