July 2003 Table of Contents

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July 2003 Number Three

In This Issue
John Howard Yoder: Mennonite, Evangelical,

Mark Thiessen Nation
John Howard Yoder’s Role in “The Lordship of Christ Over Church
and State” Conferences
Donald F. Durnbaugh
The Legacy of an Inadequate Christology: Yoder’s
Critique of Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture

Craig A. Carter
Pacifism and Knowing: “Truth” in the Theological Ethics of
John Howard Yoder
Ted Grimsrud
Theological Foundations for an Ethics of
Nonviolence: Was Yoder’s God a Warrior?

Ray C. Gingerich
Yoder’s Jesus and Economics: The
Economics of Jesus or the Economics of Luke?

John Zimmerman
The John Howard Yoder Legacy: Whither the Second Generation?
J. Denny Weaver
News and Announcements

Book Reviews
Shaffer, Thomas L. Moral Memoranda from John Howard Yoder.
Reviewed by Andrew W. McThenia, Jr.
Seebass, Gottfried. Müntzers Erbe. Werk, Leben und Theologie
des Hans Hut.

Reviewed by Tom Scott
Ebersole, Rebecca L., Dorcas I. Steckbeck and E. Morris Sider, eds. Celebrating
Women’s Stories: Faith Through Life’s Seasons.

Reviewed by Mary Swartley
Lehman, James O. Mennonite Tent Revivals, Howard Hammer and Myron
Augsburger 1952-1962.

Reviewed by James Juhnke
Longenecker, Stephen L. Shenandoah Religion: Outsiders and the Mainstream,

Reviewed by Gerald R. Brunk
Schrock, Frederick J. The Amish Christian Church.
Reviewed by Stephen Scott
Dyck, Jacob J. Am Trakt to America: A History and Genealogy for the
Descendants of Jacob J. Dyck and Marie G. Harder
and Sixty Years
of Silence: The Dyck Family in Soviet Russia.

Reviewed by Lawrence Klippenstein
Remple, Henry D. From Bolshevik Russia to America: A Mennonite Family
Reviewed by Lawrence Klippenstein
Niebuhr, Gundolf, ed. Jahrbuch für Geschichte und Kultur der
Mennoniten in Paraguay
Reviewed by Cornelius J. Dyck

Book Notes
Stutzman, Ervin R. Tobias of the Amish: A True Story of Tangled Strands
in Faith, Family and Community.
Sharp, John E., ed. Gathering at the Hearth: Stories Mennonites

Schiedel, Mary A. Pioneers in Ministry: Women Pastors in Ontario Mennonite
Churches, 1973-2003
Schwartzentruber, Hubert. Jesus in Back Alleys: The Story and Reflections
of a Contemporary Prophet
Noted by Jeremy Garber

Author Addresses

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