October 1999 Table of Contents

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October 1999 Number Four

  • In This Issue (675)
  • Author Addresses (676)
  • The (Not-so) “Simple Confession” of the Later Swiss Brethren. Part
    I: Manuscripts and Marpeckites in an Age of Print (677)
    Arnold Snyder
  • The Politics of Rudy Wiebe in The Blue
    Mountains of China
    Ervin Beck
  • Orie Benjamin Gerig: Mennonite Rebel, Peace
    Activist, International Civil Servant and American Diplomat, 1894-1976

    Gerlof D. Homan
  • Sebastian Franck in Strasbourg (783)
    Geoffrey Dipple
  • The Development of John Calvin’s Doctrine of Infant Baptism in Reaction
    to the Anabaptists (803)
    Galen Johnson
  • Reviews (825)
    • Voolstra, Sjouke. Menno Simons: His Image and Message.
      Reviewed by Karl Koop
    • Lieseberg, Ursula. Die Lieder des Peter Riedemann. Studien
      zum Liedgut der Tufer im 16. Jahrhundert. Reviewed by
      Victor G. Doerksen
    • Muller, Richard A. and John L. Thompson, eds. Biblical Interpretation
      in the Era of the Reformation. Reviewed by C.
      Norman Kraus
    • Regehr, T. D. Mennonites in Canada, 1939-1970: A People Transformed.
    • Toews, Paul. Mennonites in American Society, 1930-1970: Modernity
      and the Persistence of Religious Community. Reviewed by Pamela
      E. Klassen
    • Kroeker, Marvin E. Comanches and Mennonites on the Oklahoma
      Plains. Reviewed by William O. Autry
    • Penner, Peter. Russians, North Americans, and Telugus: The
      Mennonite Brethren Mission in India, 1885-1975. Reviewed by
      John A. Lapp
    • Toews, John B. Journeys: Mennonite Stories of Faith in Stalin’s
      Russia. Reviewed by George S. Unger
    • Huebner, Harry, ed. Mennonite Education in a Post-Christian
      World. Reviewed by Albert J. Meyer
    • Schlabach, Theron F. and Richard T. Hughes, eds. Proclaim Peace:
      Christian Pacifism from Unexpected Quarters. Reviewed by James
      D. Bratt
    • Thomas, John Christopher. Footwashing in John 13 and the Johannine
      Community. Reviewed by Loren L. Johns
  • Book Notes (843)
  • Arnold, Johann Christoph. Seeking Peace: Notes and Conversations
    Along the Way.
  • Baum, Markus. Against the Wind: Eberhard Arnold and
    the Bruderhof.
  • Hallock, Daniel. Hell, Healing and Resistance: Veterans Speak.
  • Berrigan, Daniel. Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine.

    Book Notes by John D. Roth
  • News and Announcements (844)
  • Cumulative Table of Contents, 1999 (845)

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