Contents, April, 1994

(Special Issue featuring papers presented at the Women Doing Theology
Conference, sponsored by Mennonite Central Committee, June 23-25, 1994 in
Bluffton, Ohio)


  • Dorothy Jean Weaver, "On Imitating God and Outwitting Satan:
    Biblical Perspectives on Forgiveness and the Community of Faith," (p.
  • Gayle Gerber Koontz, "As We Forgive Others: Christian Forgiveness and
    Feminist Pain," (pp. 170-193).
  • Mary H. Schertz, "God’s Cross and Women’s Questions: A Biblical
    Perspective on Atonement," (pp. 194-208).
  • Rachel Reesor, "Atonement: Mystery and Metaphorical Language,"
    (pp. 209-218).
  • Wilma Ann Bailey, "Hagar: A Model for an Anabaptist Feminist’"
    (pp. 219-228).
  • Pamela Klassen, "What’s Bre(a)d in the Bone: The Bodily Heritage of
    Mennonite Women," (pp. 229-247).

Books Reviewed

  • Klötzer, Ralf. Die Täuferherrschaft von Münster:
    Stadtreformation und Welterneuerung. Review by Gary K. Waite.
  • Moskos, Charles C. and John Whiteclay Chambers II. The New Conscientious
    Objection: From Sacred to Secular Resistance. Review by James F. S. Amstutz.
  • Baumgartner, Mira. Die Täufer und Zwingli: Eine Dokumentation. Review
    by E. J. Furcha.
  • Hawkley, Louise and James C. Juhnke. Nonviolent America: History Through
    the Eyes of Peace. Review by E. Morris Sider.
  • Kaufman, Gordon D. In Face of Mystery: A Constructive Theology. Review by
    Donald B. Stoesz.
  • Haas, J. Craig. Readings from Mennonite Writings, New and Old. Review by
    Evelyn Burkholder Kreider.
  • Barbour, Hugh S. William Penn on Religion and Ethics: The Emergence of
    Liberal Quakerism. Review by Douglas Jacobsen.
  • Harms, Orlando. A Conference in Pilgrimage: The Story of the Southern
    District Mennonite Brethren Conference and Its Churches. Review by David Haury.
  • Block, Isaac I., Assault on God’s Image: Domestic Abuse. Review by Otto
  • Schmitt, Abraham. Brilliant Idiot: An Autobiography of a Dyslexic. Review
    by Victor R. Koop.
  • Yoder, Elmer S. and Jewel Showalter. We Beheld His Glory. Rosedale Bible
    Institue, the First Forty Years, 1952-1992. Review by Conrad Showalter.
  • Bowers, Steve. Planting the Faith in a New Land: The History of the Chruch
    of the Brethren in Indiana. Review by T. Wayne Reimann.
  • Pellman, Rachel and Kenneth. A Treasury of Mennonite Quilts. Review by
    Ervin Beck.
  • Burke, Susan M and Matthew H. Hill. From Pennsylvania to Waterloo:
    Pennsylvania-German Folk Culture in Transition. Review by Ervin Beck.

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