A Small Bibliography of Materials Available

in the Mennonite Historical Library



Assembly on the Draft and National Service. Mennonites and Conscientious Objection in 1980. (MCC Peace Section, 1980). Papers presented at the MCC U.S. Peace Section Assembly on the Draft and National Service, March 27-29, 1980.



Becker, Mark. Men and Women Who Dare to Say No: Mennonite Resistance to Draft Registration, 1980-1985 (Bethel College: Dept. of History, 1985). A historical overview of the debate surrounding the registration question from a peace church perspective.



Conscientious Objectors and the Draft (NIBSCO, 1988). A general overview of options currently available to COs and suggestions for appearing before a CO Board.



Draft Counselor's Manual (MCC Peace Section, 1980). A handbook of articles and resources for those considering registration and a possible draft.  This manual is supplemented on a quarterly basis by the Draft Counselors' Update.



Miller, Melissa and Phil M. Shenk.  The Path of Most Resistance (Scottdale, Pa: Herald Press, 1982). Stories of 10 young Mennonite conscientious objectors who did not cooperate with the Vietnam War draft.



Peace Section Washington Memo. A bi-monthly newsletter from the MCC Peace Section office in Washington informing Mennonites of current issues related to peace/justice.



Peachey, Urbane and Brenda Hurst. International Provisions for Conscientious Objectors (MCC Peace Section, 1982). An international perspective on offical attitudes toward CO status by various governments.



Perry, Shawn, ed. Words of Conscience: Religious Statements on Conscientious Objection (NISBCO, 1980). Introductory essays and official statements on conscientious objection by virtually every major denomination in the United States.



United States. Selective Service System. Deferment or Exemption From Military Service: Final Rule (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1982).  The law regarding selective service as entered in the Federal Register "Rules and Regulations."