“I bring students to Merry Lea because my students remember the experience and apply their experience to learning opportunities later. Merry Lea programs provide an exploratory day immersed in the natural world using clearly defined educational pedagogy for a well-rounded outdoor, scientific, environmental, earth care, and interpersonal experience.”

–  Field trip teacher

“I chose Merry Lea because it offers in-depth courses, practicum experiences, and a passion-inspired yearlong project that reflects what an environmental educator can accomplish in their career.”

–  Christine Kustra ‘20, graduate of Master of Arts in Environmental Education


“I really like to go to our sit spots and write in our journals.
Because we get draw have it has changed.
We get to build shelters too.”

–  Zeke, kinderforest student

“This semester was a good reminder to approach everyone with kindness, express willingness to hear their story, and respect their experiences and struggles. I’ve come to realize what a valuable tool food can be in social interactions, situations of injustice, educational opportunities, and for healthy living. I will use this fact to create meaningful conversation, share joy, and assist others whenever I see the opportunity arise.”

–  2021 student in the Agroecology Summer Intensive

“My experience as a participant in the Sustainability Leadership
Semester (SLS) at Merry Lea helped shape the lens through which I see the world. I saw how sustainability — a word I found confusing and undefined prior to my SLS experience — applies not only to environmental issues but to culture, social and environmental justice, language, art and community. Sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary and that means it’s woven into every aspect of my life no matter what my career path looks like.”

–  Emma Zuercher ’23, student in the Sustainability Leadership Semester

“​​It is always a great field trip for our students. It supports our curriculum, but also allows our students an experience they might not get to have again. Exploring nature and learning about the outdoors is very valuable for our students.”

–  Field trip teacher

“I learned about goats, pigs, and chickens at the farm. I also learned
about their gardening system that they have at Merry Lea. We were able to look at all of their vegetables they were growing and we also were able to try green bell peppers and small tomatoes. It was very fun to be able to experience what we did at Merry Lea. I like how Merry Lea allows students to get a hands-on experience and they also make learning about nature/ecosystems fun.”

–  High school field trip student