The Ground Healing Ceremony

The May 4, 2005 ceremony that marked the beginning of Rieth Village was called a ground-healing rather than a groundbreaking. Participants found themselves spreading compost rather than watching a shovel spear the earth.

“The word ‘groundbreaking’ suggests that human development must break the ground, but we hope that our project will help heal and renew the earth,” Luke Gascho, then Merry Lea’s Executive Director, observed at the time.

An osprey circled overhead during the proceedings and yellow warblers and a warbling vireo provided music.

Design & Construction Slide Shows

Have a look at Rieth Village from the ground up! These photo slideshows walk you through the story of Rieth Village from conception in 2001, to its use today as a collegiate facility and biological field station.

Who Built Rieth Village?

Information about the designers and contractors who helped make the Rieth Village vision a reality.