The Breakdown of our LEED Qualifications

Rieth Village earned its platinum rating under LEED version 2.1 in 2007

Total points possible: 69

Total points needed for LEED platinum certification: 52

Total points earned by Rieth Village: 55

Sustainable Sites

Learn about points earned for parking, biking, stormwater management, light pollution reduction, restoration of open space, site selection, and heat island reduction.

Water Efficiency

Learn about points earned for water-efficient landscaping, innovative water technologies, and water use reduction.

Energy & Atmosphere

Learn about points earned for optimizing energy performance, renewable energy, green power, and measurement and verification.

Materials & Resources

Learn about points earned for storage and collection of recyclables, construction waste management, resource reuse, recycled content, local/regional materials, and rapidly renewable materials.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Learn more about points earned for CO2 monitoring, increase ventilation effectiveness, Indoor Air Quality, low-emitting materials, controllability of systems, thermal comfort, and daylight and views.

Innovation and Design Process

Learn how Rieth Village earned points for innovation and design.