Learn about how we monitor our energy consumption

Rieth Village Energy Monitoring

RV Aerial webRieth Village was constructed in 2005-2006 to serve as an undergraduate ecological field station. This project includes a photovoltaic array with 4.8 kilowatts of potential. The array is made up of 24 panels each rated at 200 watts. There is also a wind turbine at this site rated at 10 kilowatts of potential. Both systems supply approximately 1/3 of the electrical energy for Rieth Village annually. The following link is to the energy monitoring system at Rieth Village, which shows the electrical production of the two systems, as well as the energy use in each of the four buildings.

Learning Center Energy Monitoring

PV array on LC webThe original Learning Center building was constructed in 1972. Three additions since 1999 have expanded the nature center area, increased the number of offices and classroom space. The Learning Center is the home for the Master’s in Environmental Education. A photovoltaic array was added to the south facing roof of the Learning Center in June 2011. This array has 48 panels each rated at 230 watts of potential for an array total of 11.25 kilowatts. The following link is to the energy monitoring of this system and the building’s electrical usage.