Pretreatment site with invasion of woody plants—Scotch pine, prickly ash, autumn olive (July 2011).

Northwest post-burn view of Rieth Fen site. Southeast shoreline of Bear Lake in background (April 2016).

The Rieth Fen is a <1-acre area within a larger remnant marl-beach/wet prairie that surface drains calcium-rich water into adjacent Bear Lake. Work was initiated November 2012 to remove invading tree and shrub cover. Decadent shrubby cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa)–an endemic species of fens–was high-mowed. This stimulated its growth and provided more sunlight to encourage a robust herbaceous ground cover of endemic species.  The site was burned in 2016 to encourage and maintain this growth and diversity.



Northwest view of Rieth Fen site. Tall white spikes of pale-spiked lobelia, and yellow shrubby cinquefoil, in foreground (July 2016).