The 5-acre East Goodrich Prairie was created, with USDA and USFWS funding support, on active cropland in early June 2006 using the same techniques for establishing the Luckey Prairie. A majority of the site is on historic glacial lake bottom that had been drained for agriculture in the late 1880s. The northwest portion is at the base of a glacial esker, thus drier. A mesic, native seed mix was no-till planted into mown corn stubble. Sixteen-foot-wide cool season vegetation firebreaks were established around its perimeter. The entire site was burned in the spring, for three consecutive years starting 2008, and on a 3-5 year cycle, thereafter.


East view of mown corn stubble on historic lake bottom (Nov. 2005)

No-till planting one day prior to broadcast herbicide treatment of weeds (June 2006)