Merry Lea Sustainable Farm Updates

Merry Lea’s Goats Have Kids

Merry Lea Sustainable Farm is now home to six new baby goats born the first week of May. Our two adult female goats, Ruby and Diamond, each had triplets and both families are doing well.

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The Merry Lea Team: Transitions

Having trouble keeping track of all the comings and goings at Merry Lea? Meet our new farm manager, environmental educator, international volunteer and SEED recruiter. Meanwhile, Farm Manger Ellie Schertz left us for Tucson. In 2020, we expect to welcome a new executive director.

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Farm manager reflects on six years

Farm Manager Jon Zirkle will conclude his employment with Merry Lea at the end of March 2019 after nearly six years.

Looking back over those years, Jon has a long list of favorite things about his job: Tree pruning, cover cropping, watching students be transformed by working with their hands. Hearing the birds, seeing the seasons change, working with volunteers and co-workers.

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3 white goats

Mischler Joins Amish at Grazing Conference

On February 2, I attended the Northern Indiana Grazing Conference in Shipshewana, Ind. I went because Sarah Fleck was giving a workshop called the Art and Science of Grazing. She has a farm in Northern Vermont and is a consultant for grazing farmers. Her particular expertise is working with 100% grass-fed animals.

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Farm Team Talks Shop with Perennial Farmers

In December 2018, John Mischler and I attended the Perennial Farm Gathering hosted by the Savanna Institute in Madison, Wis. The Savanna Institute is a non-profit organization that supports the development of restorative, savanna-based agricultural systems.

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Stephan Powless trimming goat hooves

ASI 2018: Meet Stephan Powless

What do you do when the things you were really good at are no longer who you are? This is the question that brought Stephan Powless, Lagro, Ind., to Goshen College. Unlike most undergraduates, Stephan is a 32-year-old father of three with an eight-year career in the military behind him.

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ASI 2018: Meet Hannah Wheeler

Agriculture has always been a part of Hannah Wheeler’s life. Hannah grew up on a 40-acre family hobby farm in Hudson, Mich., where the high school mascot is a longhorn steer. She has fond memories of exhibiting market steers at the local county fair and helping her family grow their own meat and vegetables.

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ASI 2018: Meet Gabe Miller

Gabe Miller, a junior sustainable food systems major from Ithaca, New York, is a student who thrives at the intersection of big ideas and hands on learning. A conversation with Gabe zigzags between food sovereignty, human rights issues and the building of solar ovens.

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ASI 2018: Meet Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller has an ornery streak. He is not afraid to be a proud meat lover among vegetarians or the tractor enthusiast among market gardeners. He has a practical bent and a scrappy willingness to live with the tensions inherent in today’s farming landscape.

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