MAEE Alum Finds Role as Eco-Artist

Are there jobs for people whose mission is “to inspire people to learn about and love the land through use of art?” Aly Munger, a 2017 graduate of Merry Lea’s master’s in environmental education program, found one at Artist’s Boat, Galveston, Texas. Aly’s title is “eco-art educator.”

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Kinderforest in Review

On May 9, Merry Lea’s Environmental Education Outreach (EEO) team wrapped up its first year of Kinderforest in a long-awaited burst of greenness. For a full day every month, two classes of kindergartners from Wolf Lake Elementary School, Wolf Lake, Ind., traded desks and bulletin boards for tree trunks and the crunch of leaves underfoot.

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4 graduates

From Imagination to Reality

On May 25, 2018, the tenth cohort completes Merry Lea’s Master of Arts in Environmental Education. Cohort number ten! That brings the total number of graduate alumni to 51. The eleventh cohort begins on July 6 with twelve students—the largest cohort to date. It’s stimulating to reflect on the journey that led to the establishment of this important program at Merry Lea.

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Merry Lea Participates in National Research

Researchers from Virginia Tech joined Merry Lea school programs two days in April 2018. Daniel Pratson, a master’s student with the School of Forestry and Neil Savage, a research assistant, have been traveling across the country visiting environmental education programs. Their work is part of a nationwide study analyzing the characteristics that drive student outcomes.

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Alumni Profile 

Stephan Rauh (ASI 2016) wants to be part of a movement toward greater health–community health, individual health and ecosystem health. That’s why he accepted a position as production farmer at Hungry World Farm in Tiskilwa, Ill.

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Summer in the Soil

By spending time at Merry Lea Sustainable Farm in the heart of summer, Agroecology Summer Intensive students and volunteers are afforded unique opportunities of seeing food and fiber production in action. But hopefully the experience doesn’t stop at seeing food production. It is the intent of Merry Lea to have a farm that also offers a chance to fall in love with the mysteries of the natural world, to feel connected to place, and to feel rejuvenated by the surroundings of fresh air, sunshine, and a community of people and creatures. Education in the field can be personally transformative.

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50th Anniversary Memories

“Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice,” according to Robert Frost’s poem, but my world began with both.

As a young girl, I explored the magical wonderland of Merry Lea. During winter, the meadows were transformed into fields of snowflake diamonds under the moonlit skies.

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Kinderforest Survives a Rainy Day

“We are trying to bring a new deliberateness to which programs we are running when and for whom,” says Marcos Stoltzfus, director of Merry Lea’s Environmental Education Outreach Team (EEO). “We’re asking ‘Who really is our audience?’ and ‘How do we most effectively impact them?’”

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President Stoltzfus Visits Merry Lea

Goshen College’s new president, Dr. Rebecca Stoltzfus, and her husband, Kevin Miller, came to visit Merry Lea on November 14. We treated them to a potluck that included homegrown hazelnuts, apples, sausage, venison, kale and squash. What did we talk about? In a nutshell, planetary health.

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