Laptop Checkout Program

Borrower Requirements:

  • Be a current student with a valid GC ID.
  • Complete and sign a laptop borrower's agreement. This will be kept on file and will apply to any future checkouts within the current academic year.
  • Leave current student ID at the circulation desk until the laptop is returned.

Loan Periods and Hours of Program:

  • Laptops are available for checkout between 8:00 AM and 10:30 PM.
  • Laptops must remain within the library building.
  • Loan period is three hours with one renewal if no holds.
  • No overnight checkouts.

Fines/Late Charges:

  • A $5 late charge will be charged for each 1-hour period or portion thereof that the laptop is returned beyond the due time.
  • Unpaid charges will be sent to the accounting office at the end of the week and a $5.00 service charge will be added. Outstanding charges on a student's account may prevent a student from registering for classes or obtaining diploma/transcripts until paid in full.

Replacement/Damage Charges:

  • The person checking out the laptop is responsible for any loss or damage and will be required to sign a liability statement printed on the laptop checkout form.
  • Laptops should be returned to an assistant at the circulation desk rather than left sitting on the counter.
  • Damage will result in a $100 fee and replacement will be $1,500 plus fines.


    Written 09/25/2008 RH


Updated 03-Apr-2009 SWH