Post-College Resources


Searching for a job

The Good Library has several hundred books on career-related topics -- from where to find jobs in specific fields to the techniques for writing a terrific cover letter. These resources are located in the Career Resources corner of the Reference Room. To find books search the Good Library Catalog:

"Subject Keyword" vocational guidance

To focus your search, add your field of interest/expertise to the search, e.g.,

  • vocational guidance science
  • vocational guidance environmental
  • vocational guidance art
  • etc.

Or search the catalog:

Browse "subject" job hunting

The box below illustrates other ways to search the catalog to find titles on your topic of interest:

Type of information "Search keyword" or "Browse" Word(s) to type
Résumés Browse - subject resumes employment
Cover letters Browse - subject cover letters
Interviewing Browse - subject employment interviewing
Internships Search keyword internships
Work abroad Search keyword - title work abroad (exact phrase)
Study abroad Search keyword - title

study abroad (exact phrase)

The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
This site links to many career sites and resources for résumé and cover letter assistance; networking, interviewing, negotiaing, salary information, and more.

Graduate School

Preparing for an entrance exam:

The library has a number of test preparation books. Search the library catalog

"Title keyword" (title of exam)

The library has books for

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • LSAT
  • MCAT

Financial Aid

Browse these call number in the Career Resources section:

Career LB 2337.2 and Career LB 2338

Check out this web site with links to many scholarships, fellowships, and loan programs

Best Information on the Net: Student Resources: Financial Aid

Graduate Schools

The Career Resources area in the Reference Room contains a wealth of information including comprehensive and specialized school directories, some example titles:

  • Graduate Study in Psychology (Career BF 77 .G73)
  • The Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools (Career KF 273 .A87)
  • Official Guide to Graduate Nursing Schools (Career RT 75 .033)
  • Peterson's MBA Programs (Career HF 1131 .P44)
College and University Rankings

Links to a variety of web sites featuring all kinds of ratings--from best schools for minorities to well-known annual lists from U.S. News and World Report, etc. Caution: College rankings have limitations due to debates over data and methods used to determine rankings. See cautionary notes on the web pages.

Peterson's Guides to Graduate Education

You can access some of the information from Peterson's Guides to Graduate Education online or read complete information in the Career Resources area (Career L 901 .P47). These guides are designed specifically for the graduate student; print volumes are organized as follows:

  • Vol 1 Overview of Graduate and Professional Programs
  • Vol 2 Humanities, Arts & social Sciences
  • Vol 3 Biological Sciences
  • Vol 4 Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, the Environment & Natural Resources
  • Vol 5 Engineering & Applied Sciences
  • Vol 6 Business, Education, Health, Information Studies, Law & Social Work

Peterson's guides list more than 42,000 individual academic and professional programs in 457 fields. School profiles and in-depth descriptions are available for more than 2,000 institutions, and the volumes are indexed by schools and by subject areas.

College catalogs

CollegeSource Online is "a virtual library representing [more than 44,000] college catalogs in full cover-to-cover, original page format with two-year, graduate, professional and international schools." Catalogs give you current information on any college or university program that interests you.


Goshen College's Career Services web site also has helpful information on all these topics.


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