Selected Bible, Religion and Philosophy Journals:
Some Starting Points

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ASP: Academic Search Premier
ATLA: ATLA Religion Database with ATLA Serials

Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics (ATLA)

Archeology (ASP)

Bible Review (in print, indexed in ATLA)

Biblical Archeology Review (in print, indexed in ATLA)

The Christian Century (ASP)

Christian Scholar's Review (in print, indexed in ATLA)

Christianity Today (ASP)

Church History (ASP)

Denver Journal - An Online Review of Current Biblical and Theological Studies

Encounter (Indianapolis Christian Theological Seminary) (ASP)

Ethics (1938- JSTOR, recent yrs. in library)

International Journal of Ethics (1890-1938)

Harvard Divinity Bulletin

Harvard Theological Review (in print, indexed in ATLA)

International Review of Mission (World Council of Churches) (ASP)

Interpretation : A Journal of Bible and Theology (ASP)

Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion (ASP)

Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Journal of Biblical Literature (ASP)

Journal of Biblical Studies

Journal of Early Christian Studies (MUSE)

Journal of Ecumenical Studies (ASP)

Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (ASP)

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Journal of Philosophy (1921-2001 JSTOR, recent yrs. in library)

Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods (1904-1920)

Journal of Religion (ASP)

Journal of Religion and Society

Journal of the American Academy of Religion (ASP)

Journal of the History of Philosophy (MUSE)

Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics (ATLA, 2002- )

The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics (1981-2001)

Leadership (in print, indexed in ATLA)

Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture (MUSE)

National Catholic Reporter

Philosophical Quarterly (1950-99 JSTOR, 2000- in ASP)

Philosophical Review (1892-2002)

Philosophy and Public Affairs (1971-99 JSTOR, 2001- MUSE)

Philosophy East and West (MUSE)

Restoration Quarterly (in print, indexed in ATLA)

Review of Biblical Literature (searchable reviews sponsored by the Society of Biblical Literature)

Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality (MUSE)

T C: A Journal of Textual Biblical Criticism

Theology Today (ATLA, 1944- )

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