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Session 5: Information Ethics

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Notess, G.R. (2006). Re-Evaluaing web evaluation. Online, 30(1), 45-47.

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Rockman, I. F. (2005). Evaluate that information. Reference Services Review, 33(4), 369-370. Access from Reserves from the Good Library home page (Saved as an e-Reserve).

Evaluating Information

Elements of a Citation

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APA: Common Errors

Some frequently asked questions about APA citation style, from the home page of Richard Jacobs, faculty Villanova University.

Watch out for these APA citation style features

  • Only the first letter of proper nouns and the first word of the title and subtitle are capitalized in journal article and book titles.
  • Authors' first and middle initials are listed, not complete names.
  • Periodical volume numbers are italicized.
  • Periodical issue numbers are not italicized. They appear inside parenthesis, immediately after the volume number (no space between the two).
  • When two or more works in one year by the same author are in the list of references, alphabetize by title, and attach a letter to each entry's year of publication. Use the letter as well in in-text citations so the reader knows exactly which work is being cited. For example, (1996a).
  • Note that APA has published, in 2007, APA Style Guide of Electronic Resources, a 24 page booklet that contains more up-to-date information on electronic resource citation than the most recent edition (5th ed., 2001) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association.

Interlibrary Loan

Reference Desk Manual

  • Closing procedures
  • Keeping reference statistics
  • Reference desk telephone procedures
  • Community use of library computers
  • Identification of lab PC's, PC's with Microsoft Office, and Search-only PC's




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