Introduction by the Director

The Harold and Wilma Good Library sustains the Goshen College curriculum by providing quality sources, services, and instruction to cultivate intellectual inquiry and information literacy.

Librarians are available to provide materials and consultation on integrating information resources into the classroom and assignments. In an increasingly digital world, such guidance and collaborative problem solving ensures that students learn not only how to find information and ideas, but also how to evaluate the usefulness and credibility of what they find. The results should provide better student work for classes and enable the skillful generation of new knowledge and understanding long after graduation.

On a small campus such as ours, the teaching faculty plays a crucial role in determining student attitudes towards - and use of - the library. The library's most helpful ally is the faculty member who knows the library and uses it well. The faculty also plays a major role in selecting books, periodicals and other library materials. The liaison librarian for your department is your contact for selection and acquisition of materials, as well as your primary point of contact for class assignments involving the library.

This manual is an aid for faculty using the library. Please refer to it throughout the year. It is a dynamic document and probably far from complete; your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Lisa Guedea Carreño
Library Director

August 2012


Updated 08-Aug-2012 SWH