Circulation Policy - Faculty


  • Excluding children's books - semester long checkout, one renewal.
  • Invoices will be issued to faculty for lost books.

Children's Books and Videos/DVDs

  • Children's books
    • Three week checkout with two-day grace, one renewal allowed.
    • Extended checkout for class use may be arranged.
    • Juvenile book fines $0.25/per day per book.

  • Videos/DVDs
    • Seven day checkout.
    • Extended checkout for class use may be arranged upon request.
    • VIdeo / DVD fines are $1.00/per day per Video/DVD unless item was being used in a class.

Periodicals and Reference Books

Periodicals and reference books generally do not circulate. See a librarian if special circumstances exist in which you need to borrow a reference book or periodical for a short time (overnight for example).

Family Member Privileges

  • Spouse and children 14-years and older who have a GC picture ID will be given checkout privileges. A barcode will be attached to the picture ID and validated by a circulation supervisor or the office manager. The card will be valid through end of the following August.

  • Family member checkout policy
    • Books
      • three week checkout
      • one renewal
      • two day grace period
      • $0.25/per day overdue fine

    • Videos/DVDs -- no checkout allowed by family members

Overdue and Lost Books

Faculty will be notified of the titles checked out in their name after the due date. Please return or renew books one week after notices are sent. Missing books should be reported to the circulation desk, so that a search can be started. The library will thoroughly search for the missing book. If the book is not returned or renewed one week after the specified due date, the library will forward replacement costs to the faculty member. Replacement costs will include cost of the new book and a service and processing charge of $30.00. Charges should be paid within two weeks after invoice date. Charges not paid within two weeks will be charged to faculty member's campus account. Any charges to accounts will include a $5.00 service charge.


If an item currently checked out by a faculty member is requested by another person, the library will send a request to the faculty member, asking that the item be returned to the library within two weeks of the notice. If a faculty member needs an item that is currently checked out by someone else, the library will contact the person who has the item and ask that it be returned as soon as possible.

The library will not release the names of any person who has checked out a library item unless there is a compelling educational need to know on the part of a faculty member or administrator (see GC privacy rights on the Registrar's web site). However, we will seek the return of the book as soon as possible if it is needed for a class.

Media Circulation Policy - Faculty

  • Videos and DVDs purchased with library funds are cataloged and listed in the online catalog. They are shelved in the lower level in the video and DVD room.

  • Copyright restrictions on the viewing audience of certain tapes are displayed on the cassette, e.g. "Classroom and Private Use Only".

  • Videos and DVDs may be reserved for classroom use by faculty or for club use by campus organizations. Reservations should be arranged through a circulation supervisor.

  • Videos and DVDs circulate for seven days, with no renewals (unless the item is being used in/for a class). 

Updated 14-Aug-2012 LGC