Who is your librarian?

5 questions. Results will be sent directly to your librarian. Your librarian will forward your score to you and your professor.

1. You can avoid plagiarizing by: (Choose all that apply) Hint
using quotation marks when directly stating another person's words
using the ideas of other people sparingly and only to support your own argument
taking notes about your sources, including citation information for each source -- including internet sources
writing a short draft of your paper in thirty minutes without using notes

2. What is a scholarly journal? Hint

a work with long, in-depth articles geared towards the academic community
a publication that contains a lot of advertisements
a publication with short articles geared towards the general public
a publication published by trade organizations

3. Which of the following is a strength of using online library resources? Hint
Information is organized logically for your studies.
They contain many articles that undergo a peer-review process.
Students have access to academic databases not freely available on the internet.
Information is selected for you by librarians.
all of the above

4. Which of the following is NOT likely to help you evaluate the quality of information you find on a web page: Hint
when the page was last updated
who wrote the web page
the sponsor of the web site
the presence of graphs and charts on the web page
the accuracy of facts on the web page

5. What helps you to begin the research process? Hint
brainstorm with a friend
talking to your professor.
chatting with a librarian via Live Help
visiting the Writing Center in the Library.
coming up with research questions
all of the above

Required: List one specific thing you learned about library resources.