Institute for Latino Studies -Latino Art

Ofrenda honoring Mexican Revolution

  While we were at the Institute for Latino Studies in Notre Dame, the Latino SST students received a tour of the institute and the different pieces of art and exhibitions.  The students learned that many of the art contained social justice issues such as immigration and gender issues. One of the galleries exhibitions “Soldaderas y … Keep reading »

Lake City Bank Serving Latinos in Northern Indiana

Latino SST group and Ralph Villalon from Lake City Bank

While we were in Warsaw for the Mexican Consulate event, we also visited the corporate offices of Lake City Bank (LCB). Ralph Villalon the Director of an outreach program, called “Prospero” which means “Prosperity”, talked to the Latino SST group about the changes LCB has made as a result of the Latino demographic shift in … Keep reading »

Warsaw-Fiesta Plus

Jair, Kellyn, Ana, and Rosalinda at Fiesta Plus

While we were in Warsaw we stopped at Fiesta Plus, a local store owned by Rosalinda.  From Fiesta Plus individuals can buy clothes imported from Mexico and other Latin American countries and send remittances (money transfers) to their families back their home countries in Latin America. Fiesta Plus specializes in selling clothes (outfits, dresses, etc.) and others items that are used for … Keep reading »

Mobile Mexican Consulate

Mobile Mexican Consulate- Kellyn, Ana, Chris, Ivette, Jair

Each year the Mexican Consulate in Chicago sends a “mobile” consulate to various communities in the Midwest to issue Mexican Matriculas (or consular ID cards) and Passports. The purpose of visiting various communities is to increase the accessibility to consular services; otherwise, families would have to drive to Chicago to obtain those documents.  The Matriculas … Keep reading »

First Communions in Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Parish

Kellyn, Chris, Ana, Ivette, Jasmin

On Saturday the students attended a First Communion service at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church, a Catholic Latino church in Warsaw. They attended a First Communion party at Ana Lopez’s parents’ home right after the service where they had the opportunity to spend time with my family.

Guest Speakers…

Gilberto and Bienvenido Participant

Last week we had a variety of guest speakers who came to talk the Latino SST group.  Gilberto Perez, Director of the Bienvenido Program, talked to the students about migration, acculturation, and mental health.  Bienvenido was created by the Northeastern Center, a community mental health center in Northern Indiana, as a response to the growing … Keep reading »

Reflections from a Student

Personal Reflection – Ivette May 12, 2010              Since Latino SST started, I have gained a broader understanding of my own culture and the reasons for many of the behaviors I have seen.  I have become more aware of the issues that we face and have faced within our community.  In Spanish class, for example, I have gained … Keep reading »

Baile Folklorico

Dress from Jalisco

Lupita Zepeda, the director of a local Mexican folkloric dance group, gave a lecture on Mexican Culture through its “Music, Dances, and Costumes.”  After the lecture, members of the folkloric dance group gave a demonstration on folkloric dances from Jalisco and Aguascalientes.  The fun did not stop there…Latino SSTers were then invited to try some of the steps/moves.

Meeting Families

Mexican food cooked by host mom

Last week students met their host families for the first time.  We had a student-family get-together at Iglesia ADULAM here in Goshen.  One of our host parents (Jose Luis & Becky) who are pastors of the church hosted the event.  We had a home-made Mexican dinner (flautas, arroz, pico de gallo, & guacamole) cooked by one of our own host moms.  We played a very popular … Keep reading »