Meeting Families

Last week students met their host families for the first time.  We had a student-family get-together at Iglesia ADULAM here in Goshen.  One of our host parents (Jose Luis & Becky) who are pastors of the church hosted the event.  We had a home-made Mexican dinner (flautas, arroz, pico de gallo, & guacamole) cooked by one of our own host moms.  We played a very popular Mexican game called Loteria or Mexican Bingo.  We have two families who are originally from Mexico, one from Dominican Republic, and one who the wife is from Puerto Rico and the husband from Peru. While students will continue to live at home, they will connect with their families on weekly basis.  They are expected to speak Spanish only while they connect with their families.  Examples of activites that they may participate in with their host families include family dinners, family game nights, grocery shopping in ethnic stores, church services, birthday parties, soccer games, quinceaneras, weddings, etc.